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It’s been a long time…

“hey, honeypotter! Your blog is NOT your diary! When does your latest article is?”

I’m so sorry… I was too busy to write this blog’s article… In this Golden Week, I had been playing one game. It is “Special Force” made in Korea.

I join in one clan, which is like a team. Clan matches, which called “Clan wars” are held every night. During the match, we play for our victory, using voice chatting system, such as Skype.

“Hey, 2 enemies are already in the room!” “On your right side!” talking like this, we play.

After the match, we keep talking with mic. It’s just small talk. We haven’t seen each other in person, however, we have a good mood.

I put my play in the game up into YouTube. Please check it up.

Special Force

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