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Wow…what a sexy car!

There is one car shop for my client. In Japan, you have to apply “syako-syoumei” before you buy a car. Making application forms for syako-syoumei is one of my job.

One day, I got a new car when I visited the car shop. It calls “RX-8”.

RX-8 has the Rotary engine, which is the only one used in the world. I don’t know it very well but I love the sound of the engine!

When I was 25, I had “RX-7”, which is the previous model on RX-8. That was a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy gorgeous car! I had the red one.

“Hey, Mr.honeypotter! Why don’t you get a ride on it?” one of the dealer said to me. Every car shop has each test car so that customers can taste.

“Can I?? Really??” said I.
“Sure, Enjoy the car as much as you can!” said He.
“Then…I’m gonna run away from you with this! hahaha” said I, smiling.

The seat of RX-8….looks like a cockpit of airfighters… That makes me excited… The sound drove me crazy…

When low speed, I thought RX-7 would be better than RX-8, however, I loved it when high speed.

“Mr.honeypotter…how’s that? I guess…you feel like buying this…hahaha” the dealer said to me after my driving…

Actually… I want it! Someday…I’ll get it… hihihi

This is “RX-8”

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