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My fuckin’ cheap English skill!

July 31, 2008 9 comments

Since I was thirty years old, I’ve been learning English. Generally, many Japanese aren’t good at English, especially speaking. I thought it’s important for me to speak in English when I decided to start learning again.
Thinking in English, expressing my feeling in English, getting the feeling from someone else in English… because English is one of tools of communication.
But in Japan, many people think it’s important to read and listen in English, and they try too hard to get the high score on reading and listening of English tests. English tests of Japan are mainly constituted of reading and listening.
Actually, it’s also enjoyable for me to get the correct answer on the tests. People can get some confidence from the good result. To keep their motivation for learning English, confidence is one of the most important factors. But it’s not enough.
I…I…want to express my feeling deeper in English, want to feel from a lot of things wrote, spoken in English… but for now, my fuckin’ English… it’s not enough at all.

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What the hell is it? Tax???

I got one letter from the city hall I live. It said that I had to pay tax.

In Japan, there are many differences on how to pay tax from other countries, such as America. In America, I heard that even salaried workers have to submit the income form to the tax office. On the contrary, in Japan, in that case of people who get thier salaries from their companies, the companis have to submit the income form instead of them. And then, the company put the money aside from their salaries. Slaried workers have no need to pay tax by themselves.

Me, actually I am one of executives of my company, however, my style of salary is the same as salaried workers are, so I have no need to pay tax as well.

But today, I got such a letter. So I went to the city hall to ask why.

It seemed that my colleague had a mistake on submitting forms. That made the staff of the city hall mistake.

“I’m so sorry. I put your name into the list right now. You don’t need to pay tax.” the staff said to me with his apology on his face.

Smiling to him, I said him that I was not supposed to pay…. hahaha

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How much score am I gonna get?

I had one test last Sunday, which called “TOEIC”. TOEIC is one of English test and means Test of English for International Communication.

Generally, speaking of tests, you may imagine both of “pass” and “fail”, however, TOEIC is the test “how much score did you get?”, not “Did you pass or not?”.

My previous score of TOEIC was 785 points. This time, I hoped I got over 800 points.

Anyway, I’m gonna be able to know how much my score next month. I can’t wait!

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It’s so hot!

Summer has come!


In Japan, we have one season called “Tu-yu”, which means the rainy season. The rainy season gradually starts from Kyusyu region at first. The seasonal rain front expressed Tu-yu moves from Kyusyu region to Hokkaido region.


In this area, Tu-yu had already ended and after that, summer starts.

So hot! I have to visit a lot of places my clients live, so I have to ride my car… After meeting with my clients, I feel the hell of fire in my car. It’s so hot like the hell!

Usually, I don’t drink beer so much…but this season… I can’t help but to drink it!

By the way, I didn’t write articles in this blog because of being busy….but I’ve decided to write them as much as I can… and I’ll try to introduce Japanese life and Japanese thoughts as well.

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