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It’s so hot!

Summer has come!


In Japan, we have one season called “Tu-yu”, which means the rainy season. The rainy season gradually starts from Kyusyu region at first. The seasonal rain front expressed Tu-yu moves from Kyusyu region to Hokkaido region.


In this area, Tu-yu had already ended and after that, summer starts.

So hot! I have to visit a lot of places my clients live, so I have to ride my car… After meeting with my clients, I feel the hell of fire in my car. It’s so hot like the hell!

Usually, I don’t drink beer so much…but this season… I can’t help but to drink it!

By the way, I didn’t write articles in this blog because of being busy….but I’ve decided to write them as much as I can… and I’ll try to introduce Japanese life and Japanese thoughts as well.

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