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Happy Birth Day to myself…hihihi

In the 18th October, I had my birthday. I’ve been 34 years old…

How do you think on your own birth day? What do your friends or family do on your birth day?? In Japan, ofcourse depending on the situation, we don’t celebrate it so much when we get older…

On that day, I had one seminar and I had to speech in the seminar. From the morning, I had to make resume on the seminar. After the seminar(about 8 o’clock), I went back home, had dinner…that’s all…hihi

Ofcourse, I got celebrating messages from a lot of person, such as my mother, my friends. I was so happy. Especially, one person, who lives in other country, sent one message. I thought I’ve not been able to contact with each other any more, so I was suprised and felt happy. I replied it to the person… I’m wondering it has reached.

It’s been a long time for me to write an article in this blog….I’m so sorry… I try to write about Japanese life as much as I can…. so please don’t miss it…

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