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My business is killing me…hehehe

December 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I now have one request on status of residence for alien from my client. She wants to change her son’s status of residence from short stay to long-term resident.

As you know, Japanese law is too complicated for alien to understand. So they ask specialists like me to write and apply instead of them.

Recently, it’s been getting more strictly to extend their visa or to get their new visa, so we have to check all of documents for proofs, such as certificate of live birth, certificate of marriage.

Thank god that I’ve started learning English again since I was thirty! Because of that, I can easily read documents and explain them to my clients.

But…it never changes that Japanese law is complicated…I must understand what the law means, what the purpose of the law is, how my clients can get visas, and how I’m able to simplify the law and explain it to my clients…

ummm….my business is killing me…killing my brain…hihihi

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You lose… Losers under pressure…

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

I told you I had one unofficial tournament in one game. We wanted to win at least the first match. That was what our clan thought.

Sadly, our hope had broken. We lost at the first match.

Why did we lose? At first, we were in strong pressure. So nervous that we wasn’t able to play as usual. We think we have to have more experiences to get rid of it.

Second, despite of team match, I don’t think we can cooperate. There was no combination. On the contrary, our opponent can do that. Every time, everywhere, we had to fight against plural enemies alone.

The next tournament is going to hold next month. We’re supposed to participate it. We have to train more than ever.

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An unofficial tournament in Special Force

December 12, 2008 2 comments

Recently, I play one game every night. I belong to one clan, which is like a team, so we have the team match called “clan wars” in that game.

The name of the game we play is “Special Force” made from Korea. “Special Force” is one of FPS game, which means First Person Shooting. You shoot your arms like a soldier.

Last month, the world championship of this game held in Shanghai, China. Korea, China, Chinese Taipei, Philippine, Thailand, America and Japan participated in the championship. Japan was the fifth place in the game.

This weekend, we’re having one unofficial tournament in the game. Many famous and strong clan have decided to join the tournament.

“At least, we wanna win the first match in the tournament.” said my clan master.

Someday, I’m going to upload the film of the clan war in this game.

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