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Hatsumoude in Kyoto Vol.2

February 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Although it’s already February, I’ll try to write an article about “hatsumoude” in Kyoto last month.

After “Kitano-Tenmanguu” (I previously wrote it), I went to the “Kinkakuji”.

I hadn’t known it until I got a brochure on “Kinkakuji”. It’s not correct to call “Kinkakuji”. It’s “Kinkaku”. Moreover, “Kinkaku” is not its proper name. You have to properly call it “Rokuon-ji” temple.

“Kinkaku” is the main pavilion of “Rokuon-ji” temple; however, it became more famous than temple itself.

“Kinkaku” is, as the name says, painted with golden lacquer. In Muromachi era, Yoshimitsu Ashikaga, who was the 3rd Shogun(means general), ordered to build it. Ofcourse the emperor(calls Ten-no) existed at that time; however, Japan was under military rule for hundreds of years. Especially, in the Muromachi era and Edo era.

You can be suprised with its beauty when you enter the garden of “Rokuon-ji”. Unfortunately, although it was rainy day, I could take a few photos of “Kinkaku”.




There is beautiful pond, which called (Kyouko-chi, means Mirror pond), around “Kinkaku”. You can find the reflection of Kinkaku in the pond. I think the beauty of the Japanese garden is consist of many things, such as stones, shadow, light, balance etc.

You also can enjoy watching “nishiki-goi” swimming in the pond. Nishiki-goi is a sort of carp and is raised like golden fish, so they’re very beautiful.

When you go there, I’d like you to stand the edge of the pond and clap your hands. I think Nishiki-goi must gather around you to get their feed. I think you feel as if you became aristocrat or something…hehehe

To be continued…

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