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Not so easy to explain as easily and clearly as possible.

Mansion…now that this word has become Japanese, not English.

“mansion” in English is generally used in the meaning of “condominium” or “flat”. In Japan, we respectively buy our own room and posess it. The buildings which properties have gathered are called mansion in Japan.

In mansion, condo association board must be formed by law, which call “kanri-kumiai”. “kanri-kumiai” consisits of all owners of mansion and is managed. The general meeting is held once a year every fiscal year.

As a part of my business, I have some contracts with such a “kanri-kumiai”. As a consultant, I give many kinds of help to them, such as making documents, checking a lot of things, etc. Explaining bills in the general meeting is one of the most important work as a consultant.

From April to May, many general meetings are held, so I know I get busy this season. Today, I got the first general meeting this year. The first one in the morning, the second one in the afternoon. ummm…keep talking loudly and clearly is very hard. The people in front of me are all not so used to technical languages especially law, so how to get them easy is an important talent in this business.

This time I made a few byelaws and handed in the meeting, so I had to explain them as easily as possible. I stood up and louldly talked to them, receiving a ton of staring from attendees.

Fortunately, no trouble happened in this meetings today; however, I still have six meetings to go. ummm…It’s gonna be tough days.

This is today’s meeting photo…

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