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I’ve found a new dimension of myself.

In May 12th, my younger sister got the first baby! He is also the first grandchild for our parents. I have one younger sister and one younger brother, but unfortunately neither of me and my brother have not get married.

As a matter of fact, all children I’ve ever met seem to like me. One of my friend teases me like that, “They must treat you as their friend. You got a equal level as well as they got!” I haven’t had any chance that chidren start crying when I’m with them, however, I…I’m not good at being with them.

First of all, I…I don’t like hearing their cry. In the other words, I don’t like their shouts in the public place. For example, in the coffee shop, I can’t help but get out from the shop when I hear their shout and their parents don’t try to do anything for them.

Surprisingly, I’ve found a new dimension of myself after my younger sister got a new baby and back to my home to stay for a month. I…I…have hound myself feel I’m so happy to see the baby!

Every time I got home, I check her baby if he’s ok. “Hey, my prince! How’s it goin’?” saying like that, I talk to him. He is obviously keeping silent, but I feel I’m so happy. When he opens his eyes (ofcourse I understand he still can’t see anything, just can feel lights and shadows), I feel I’m so happy!

And…feel time has stopped!

“Hey, HoneyPotter, You gotta the feeling you wanna your baby? You gotta the feeling you wanna marry?” my younger sister said it to me, chuckling. Yeah, the feeling I wanna my baby…has been getting bigger!

Her husband is now in dayoff so he is staying in my home. He and I are looking at the baby…and talking like that “ummm…he’s so cute! We can’t get sick and tired!”

“I don’t believe you say like that.” The husband said to me.

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