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It gets more difficult…

One of my friends told me one important thing. She is Philippina who got divorced with Japanese before and now tries to marry other Japanese male.

“Hey! HoneyPotter! You know?! Now we can’t get Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage!”

Under familiy code in Philippine, people basically can’t get divorced except the annulment of a marriage in the court. I guess it’s one of logics basis on the dogmas of Christianity. The people who fell in love and got married will never split…that what Christianity tells, I guess.

But there is one exceptional case in the familiy code. In the case of divorce for which foreign spouse sue the other spouse, you can divorce. Don’t forget one thing, you just can get divorce with that foreign spouse, it’s not saying that your record of marriage can be erased. To get rid of your record of marriage, you have to get the annulment of a marriage. It costs so high and takes so long time to complete…

We could get the Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage until around March this year without the annulment. After 300 days, that single Philippina could get married to Japanese again. But now, we can’t get that certificate.

What does it mean…??? If you want to get married to Japanese in the status you have been married with someone before, you must get the procedure of annulment…

I’m not good at international private law, so I can’t accept it… How about principle of territorial jurisdiction? In the case we get divorced in Japan, we have to obey Japanese familiy code… it isn’t correct???

ummmmm….I think I should acquire knowledge of international private law, ofcourse including Philippine familiy code…

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