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Be prepared and have no regrets.

There are many earthquakes in Japan. Look back to the history of earthquake in Japan, I remember the earthquakes in Niigata and Kansai. Even now, a tons of earthquakes of intensity 1 lower, which people can’t feel them, happen nationwide.

When I was a university student and prepared to take tests with my friend in my home, the earthquake in Kansai happened. The big sound and vibration, even this area far from Kansai, we felt them. In the morning, I was definitely surprised with the devastated area of Kansai on TV.

The region I live, Tokai area, it’s said that it’s expected to get a big earthquake with high odds in the future. So most people in this area think they must prepare for the disaster.

One of my clients has to hold the drill of the defence against the disaster twice a year because of the fire defence law. This time, the board decided to call “jishin-sya”, which is the car we can experience simulated earthquakes.

There are only two “jishin-sya” in Aichi prefecture, so we have to reserve it before. Fortunately, we got its schedule on the day we hoped.

I usually don’t participate the drill because it’s for only resident of my client, however, the officer of the fire department requested my client to assemble as many participants as possible in the drill, so this time, I joined in it. “oh, I got a new topic on my blog!” thinking like that, I experienced this drill.

In the “jishin-sya”, you can feel horizontally vibration. Actually, earthquakes have many kinds of vibrations, such as vertical vibrations, so you might not think it’s perfect experience. Anyway, you can know at least how the earthquake is.

We tried the earthquake of intensity 7 over, which is the strongest shake. The room is mounted in the car. We only enter the room, sit down the chair, and feel the earthquake. That’s all.

The table in the room is perfectly fixed on the floor, so in spite of the strong vibration, we could support ourselves, holding the edge of the table. If I got such a strong earhquake in real, I wouldn’t keep standing… I guessed.

I tried to ask one of fire officers if I could try to stand in the room, however, he promptly said “Denitely not! It’s so dangerous!”, frowning at me. ummmm…I just wanted to experience stricter situation…

Anyway, we had a nice time in the drill, we could at least know how terrible earthquake is. After the drill, every resident told me that they must prepare for the earthquake as much as possible. Be prepared and have no regrets, one of residents said it.

I took a video with my cell, but it’s not pretty good. I found out better film in YouTube, so I’ll introduce you it.

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