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The GUNDAM has finally stood up in Odaiba, Tokyo.

June 14, 2009 4 comments

When I was a child, I did love “GUNDAM”, which is the robot animation of the warfare between the earth federation (Is it a correct expression?) and Principality of Zeon.

Before GUNDAM started, the robot animations typically had the only right and wrong story. The hero was comepletely on the side of justice, and its enemy was always just an enemy. On the contrary, in the GUNDAM, the border line between right and wrong was quite ambiguous. In other words, the characters in GUNDAM had their own backgrounds respectively. Their histories were so deep that we couldn’t verify if they were right or wrong.

It took thirty years since the first GUNDAM. Since the first (We often call the original GUNDAM “the first” or “first GUNDAM) was born, many kinds of GUDAMs were created. Among such GUNDAMs, the first GUMDAM is one of the most famous GUNDAM. For the celebration of the 30th anniversary, this time, BANDAI, the company made GUNDAM at first, decided to built the life sized GUNDAM in Odaiba, Tokyo.

This life sized GUNDAM can move its head and turn light on in its some parts of the body. It also can discharge mists from its thrusters.

I believe that GUMDAM is also very famous not only in Japan but also all over the world, so I guess many sightseers from many countries must come to see it.

I can’t help being proud of the Japanese animations…hihihi

Incidentally, the most favorite GUNDAM for me is “ν GUNDAM”, the second is “Z GUNDAM”.

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