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The eyes of Venus got me!

Recently, I started growing some plants.

Today, I got new plants to grow. One is a cactus and the other is a carnivorous plant, which called Venus Flytrap.

When I was a kid, I liked collecting insects, such tag beetles. I explored forests with a pictorial book in my arm, found bugs and checked it in the book. I was also excited with carnivorous plants in the pictorial book and asked my grandmother to buy it. I guess she felt so strange like this, “Is it normal for kids to give such a thing?!”

Sadly, a seven-year-old kid didn’t know how to grow so much that the plant I got at that time died down soon.

Now…it’s about time…to revenge! I got one again!

Venus Flytrap have leaves like shells which close when it catch insects, such as flies, spiders and slug. There are long curved eyelashes like beautiful women have, so people call it “Venus Flytrap”.

In order not to miss this time, I checked how to grow Venus Flytrap on the internet. Many sites on the internet taught me many things.

First of all, “Don’t touch the leaves unnecessarily”. It takes over 10 days for leaves to digest preys, and the leaves will die down in a few times after they close and secrete digestive juices.

Secondly, Something protein, such as Cheeses, is very good for Venus Flytrap. On the contrary, fat is not good.

Thirdly, exporting the flower blobs of Venus Flytrap is banned by Washington Convention, so we have to grow it in the nation.

Anyway, I have to be careful with Venus…yeah, I must gently treat it as Venus, true to its name!

After the meeting, I stopped by the convenient store and got some pieces of cheese. This time, I took a movie feeding Venus.

Incidentally…this is my…cactus and Venus Flytrap.



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