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Many differences between translations and understandings

I got some trouble in other blogs which I run in Japanese. At the blog, I’m writing how to learn English, how to express English and so on. Translating English songs into Japanese is one of the contents in the blog.

I’ve thought that there are many differences between translations and understandings. For example, feeling the meaning of the song’s lyrics in English is not so difficult, however, expressing it beautifully and lyrically in Japanese is quite difficult.

Actually, I know it’s difficult to translate contracts or something from English into Japanese (or from Japanese into English). You can find there are tons of technical words and expressions in them. You need to aquire the knowledge not only on English but also on itself.

On the contrary, translations on lyrics of songs require some sense so that the works make the readers feel something emotional, such as sorrow, pleasure.

One visitor in my other blog started translating one song in my blog’s comments space.(ofcourse I haven’t asked him to do it.) I wanted to read it because I have no chance to check others’s translations.

Unfortunately, his works was not so well for me… First of all, he directly translated lyrics from English into Japanese with English-Japanese dictionary, so his Japanese translated lyrics sounded like not smart. In other words, his tranlated lyrics seemed to be…like sentences in textbooks.

I was not supposed to say it to him because choices of words while translating are free even if they have good taste or not…but what’s worse…he seemed to misunderstand English grammars. How to interpret “will”, the difference between “will” and “be going to”, the difference between “some” and “any” etc, those misunderstanding ran him incorrect interpretations of the lyric itself.

I don’t know how come he started translating it and left his works in my blog in the first place. The more I pointed his mistakes out, the stronger the fear for trouble between he and I was. Finally, with my words got him angry. I completely don’t know why he got angry. Did I ask him to translate the song? Did I beg him?

I wondered if his interpretation on the background of the song was correct, so I googled it. Ironically, it seemed he had mistake for it…

I’ll tell myself I must be careful with my comments for other blogs… I believe it’s good to point out his/her mistakes, but it’s not good to try to beat him/her.

I’ll give him some words in this blog… “Too Many Confidences Will Kill You…Sometimes” Am I so ironical??? hehehe

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