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Someone crawling…

I don’t know why…but I’ve liked zombie movies since I was a kid.

Now that zombie movies got typical. First of all, something happens. Depending on the movies, some virus might spread out, some chemicals might leak. Finally, it gets pandemics.

There are many kinds of zombies in movie, such as zombies who run fast, who can talk, who rape women. However they get colory spieces, all their wants are simply “bite” and “eat” people.

The first movie I watched is ‘The Return Of The Living Dead’ (called batarian in Japan) directed by Dan O’Bannon in 1985. I excitedly watched it in the movie thater when I was a kid. Even now, “Zombie movies? They already got in the one track mind! Biting and eating…and casualties widely spread…and in the end, they become zombies themselves, right?” most of my friends say so, I like watching them. I don’t know why.

Last year, I bought one FPS game. It was ‘Left 4 Dead’, featuring Zombies. To be correct, the enemies in this game are not zombies, but infected people by some dangerous virus. The players you operate have to escape from where you are, fighting zombies.

During the play, you face some special infected in the game, such as ‘Tank’, ‘Boomer’, ‘Hunter’, ‘Smooker’ and ‘Witch’.

‘Tank’ has so strong skin and power that you have to shoot it from a distance. Fire, like a molotov, is very effective.
‘Boomer’ is an ugly and fat thing, and sometimes vomits disgusting things. They let many zombies gather.

‘Hunter’ looks like human at the first glance, however, its jump is so fast and once you’re caught by it you must face your death without other’s help.

‘Smooker’ has a long tongue. Hiding on the roof of the building, it aims you to catch by its tongue.

‘Witch’ is normally meek. You can hear her crying in the distance. Don’t get her mad… Her ‘Death Embrace’ will take you to heaven.

You can play this game with many people all over the world. You and your three partners get a party and proceed to the escape zone. In November, ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ is going to be launched. I think it must be exciting one.

This is my play in ‘Left 4 Dead’.

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