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Procrastination is the thief of time.

July 5, 2009 8 comments

I sometimes see such writings about learning English in bulleten board, “It’s too late to learn English when you get older.”.

I definitely don’t think so. Basecally, it sounds strange for me to difine when you should start something new, especially something academic. I ofcourse know the sooner, the better. Besides, actually, the older you get, the more difficult you remember a lot of things, however, you have a lot of experiences the young can’t have.

In Japan, the popularization on lifelong learning is still lower than other countries, like America. You probably can hear these words when you try to go to the college for learning after your work; “You should work harder if you have such a time.” or “Is it able to earn money?”. Sounds funny, right?

Not for money, but for my own satisfaction. Ofcourse there is some possibilities that your hobby can make money someday, however, the most important thing is your own fulfilled heart, not money. (I also know making money is critical. I mean, the job itself.)

“What does it have any meanings in it after you got over 40 or 50?” everytime I read this line, it always makes me laugh.

Even if I get over 60 old, I want to try to do something, something new and exciting.

Do you have anything makes you excited now?

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