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The 3rd company has launched.

The economical situation in Japan is still not so good, however, business owners in all categories think they should do something to get through, I guess.

As you may know, my friends and I established our company six years ago and we divided our one business category and get it into one subsidiary three years ago. And now, under seventh fiscal year, we have launched the 3rd subsidiary company.

“You have to be the vice president.” ordered my friend, who is the president of our all company. As a matter of fact, I don’t want to be the president. I like the second place, which has to do every little things on business. Besides, I have one qualification on law, so I’m already a personal business owner in this respect of the president and being the president is already enough for me.

Commencing with accounting, I have a lot of things for the 3rd company as a background person. I don’t know how my life is going to change for the future, however, I think I should do my best for it. Anyway, I’m just excited now.

I could get chances to use English at work for the future…hehehe

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