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Our clan master has come back!

In order to check how I could improve my English, I take some test, such as TOEIC. I’m supposed to take the 148th TOEIC test in July 26th. It’s just around the corner, so I have to do my best.

Since I uploaded the article in this blog about ‘LEFT 4 DEAD’ before, I haven’t played games. Once I sign in games, I can’t help playing for a long time.

Last weekend, I was studying English in front of my PC, turning my Skype on. ‘What’s up, honeypotter! I’m back!’, I got one message from…my clan master.

As you already read my article, my clan master and I haven’t been able to keep in touch for a few months, so my friends asked me to found a new clan. I don’t like become a clan master so much that I was a little bit hesitated.

But he came back. ‘Hey, honeypotter! Why don’t you join in clan wars!’, being led by his words, I signed in that game.

Unfortunately, I forgot recording our play in this game, so I can’t upload the film into my YouTube channel. Next time, if I have chances to do it, (and I have chances to get good scores…hihihi) I’ll upload it.

Anyway, I couldn’t help laughing at our noob play during clan wars. First of all, no one didn’t care of other team mates, so there’s no tactics in the match. I think we generally have to secure the important position of the area, however, all of us ignored them and only ran toward enemies! It’s easier for us to wait for enemies and kill them, than to storm into them. Secondly, there was no report. ‘I got one sniper in the network room!’ ‘They’re rushing into the room! I need your help!’ during the clan wars, such reports are definitely critical, but…no one said…uuu…

One way or another, much of us already got noob…hihihi To enjoy these clan wars, I think we have to train harder than now.

Oops, who wrote that line? “in order to check how I could improve my English…” The more I concentrate the games, the less I neglect my English… ummm…that is what we call…’If you chase after two rabbits, you won’t catch either.’, isn’t it?

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