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Where is my gorgeous mermaid?

I played soccer in young age, and I do like skiing. But I’ve done nothing to exercise enough lately, so I decided to start swimming last week.

Before swimming, I thought I should get swimming gears, so I went to the shop. There were many kind of swimming gears in the shop. I wondered which swimming wear I should buy. “Should I get a competition swimsuit…? What if most of the people in the pool put a casual swimming suit? I don’t like I stand out…” thinking like that, I finally chose one competition swimsuit presented by FILA.

My concerns were gone when I stood in the edge of the pool. Most of the people put competition swimsuits on.

“Well…How much did my swimming skill diminish?” I didn’t know how long and fast I can swim, so I made my way to the beginner’s lane. Except butterfly stroke, I can swim, so at first, I tried to remember how to swim freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.

I had one subordinate who was a member of the swimming club when I was the previous company. He was surprised with my wrong way to breath while swimming. I just breathed in and out at the same time while turning my face up. “No, you’re wrong. Under water, you must breathe out through your nose and mouth so that you have to prevent water from entering your nose! When your face turn up, you can only breathe in.” said he.

I remembered that, so this time, I tried to do it. ummm…It’s quite difficult for me… 30 minutes or so later, I had been able to do it.

I think I should swim in the pool at least twice a week in order to get a good shape. For now, I’ll show you my uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy body below.


Oops, They’re the Japan national team member! I was wrong. I’m sorry, I can’t let you show my body. Once you look at it, your eyes must burn…hehehe

By the way, I checked and found one exciting thing on the Internet. Recently, I try to learn things in English, not in Japanese. I just wanted to learn how to swim from wikipedia (that’s totally ‘A mere scholar, a mere ass,’ isn’t it? hihihi) ,and in that page, I found it.

Here’s the page.


You can see the name of “Kousuke Kitajima” in the “Notable breaststroke swimmers” section. As Japanese, I’m proud of him.

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  1. Mariko。
    July 16, 2009 at 2:51 am

    As I wrote in my blog, I started learning how to swim since the beginning of this year. I’m swimming twice a week for practicing crawl and backstroke.
    I’m still a clumsy swimmer, but
    it feels really good to swim, doesn’t it?

    • honeypotter
      July 16, 2009 at 4:36 am

      Hello, Mariko。! I’m so glad that you left your comment! Thank you so much! I hope many English learners can talk with each other in this blog. Thank you again! I’m as a clumsy swimmer as you wrote… Struggling under water, I always imagine my swimming appearance like this, “It is definitely no beautiful, right?”…hehehe Anyway, it’s a good thing for us to keep exercising, so let’s enjoy swimming! I’m waiting for your comment again^ ^ Thank you so much.

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