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Someone special can make me up.

There are meny people who learn English and want to speak English in japan. Some people choose the way to try to get higher score in English exams, some people choose the other ways. One way or another, all of learners are desparate to be English speakers. Ofcourse me, too.

Yesterday, I joined in one meeting with English learners and my master in Nagoya. As you may know, I’m running of my own blog on learning English written in Japanese in other place, and I communicate with its readers and other English learners there. This time, what we call, we held an off-meeting.

The programs in the meeting are like these; one is to speech in English, and others is to sing an English song without reading its English subtitle.

Ofcourse there are many kinds English skilled people attending the meeting. Listening to what they’re saying, I thought whether my decision on my learning English in my past had been good or not. I think…they were not so wrong… Rather, I did felt I’m on the right way for English journey.

But now, I don’t think I should keep staying where I am now. I must be better…than I used to be. I did felt very much yesterday as well.

The man smiling next to me is my master Kanzaki. He gives me a lot of things.

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