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The dawn of FPS in Japan.

August 4, 2009 3 comments

One day, one of my friend on the Internet told me that no one in Japan play FPS game, and even worse, no one play games with computers.

Now that it’s not the truth. The number of FPS players in Japan is increasing now. Actually, many Japanese might associate games with machinery made for only playing games, such as NINTENDO DS or PlayStation, which is called “consumer-model” in Japan. On the contrary, I guess people in the other countries might take a granted they play games with computers. (I know these thoughts have recently changed since NINTENDO and SONY started selling their models all over the world.)

Me, since I stopped playing games in my younger age, I’ve never tried to play games. Games turn me on…besides, I had no idea that I enjoy playing games with computers as well as other Japanese did. But now, I met this game about two years ago. For me, this is the very first FPS game, and even now, I join in one clan and enjoy playing.

Special Force is originated in Korea. Korea is very famous for the population and level of FPS players among far east countries. I heard that you can watch FPS program on TV whole day. There are many famous FPS games made in Korea and the tournaments are often held. The clans from Korea have won the match in a row, I think. In Japan, waves of professionalizing as game players are still not larger, however, in Korea and other countries, such as America, the professional game players get contracts with computer parts manufacturers and earn their money. (I ofcourse know I’m not supposed to be like that.)

I’m not such a good player, but it’s so fun for me to play games with my friends on the Internet. Our clan is not gachiclan, which means “clan in which seriously motivated and skillful people are gathering and aiming for the great result at the tournaments”, but we can enjoy it. By the way, you should remember the word above, “gachi“, literally means “serious”. gachi de yaru means “I’ll do it seriously”.

I recorded our clan fighting with other clan. Here it is. The person holding golden AK-47 is me.

Someday, I’ll try “Counter Strike”.

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