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Love letters for someone.

August 23, 2009 10 comments

As you know, I am absolute Japanese, and I haven’t been to other English speaking countries before. (As a matter of fact, I didn’t even have my own passport…lol)

Now, in Japan, there are many English learners and they are strugling to improve their English skills. Ofcourse me, either. You can find their blogs in Japan. But I don’t know why… the number of blogs which are written in English is not so much.

I guess the biggest problem on not writing their blogs in English is other English learners in Japan. And the behind the problem, I presume the way they treat English as correct answers or incorrect answers is lying because they tend to seek their chances to improve their English from many English tests.

Ofcourse I know I need to learn a lot of correct grammars from textbooks and need to check if my expressions in English is adequate or not. In order to do that, I believe I should keep using English, however, once someone upload his/her incrrect English sentences in his/her blog, other one sometimes make a fool of him/her, like “Hey, look at his/her fuckin’ English! He/She must get only ○○○ points in TOEIC!”. TOEIC is one of famous English examinations in Japan, which is abbreviated “Test of English for International Communication”. You only can check your own reading and listening English skills in TOEIC, but sometimes someone devious teases not-so-fluent-blogger’s English writings and try to compare writer’s TOEIC scores with writing skills.

There are some friends who came from other countries but aren’t English native speakers around me. Their English grammar, spellings and qualities of expressions in English are ofcourse not comaparable with peoples who live in English speaking countries. However, mainly friends tell themselves “I can speak English.”. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had any chances to hear “I can speak English.” from English learners in Japan. That’s a very strange phenomenon. I guess it’s not only because of modesty as which many Japanese think their virtue, but also because they tend to measure English examinations as “How well can I use English?”.

Over a year ago, I started this blog for three reasons. First, I wanted to introduce someone special my private life. Second, I let people all over the world show “Japan” and wanted to communicate with them. Third, I wanted to interact well with other English learners in Japan in English. These’re what I’ve wanted to do.

Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid to have mistakes. The important thing is to get your first step ahead.

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