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Almost 100 temples are waiting for me.

Do you know the famous Buddhist priest, Kuukai? He is a founder of the religious school, shingon-shuu.

During his religious training, he visited Chita peninsula, in which I live and was surprised that the seneries of Chita peninsula was quite similar to Shikoku, in which he was born and grew. After that, in 1824, Ryouzan, who was a high ranked Buddhist priest of shingon-shuu (called ajyari), named 88 temples Jun-Shikoku(means sub-Shikoku) as hallowed places. And in 1893, Jun-Shikoku turned their name into Chita-Shikoku. In addition to these 88 temples, other ten temples are included Chita-Shikoku.

As I wrote about shuintyou before, now that I often try to visit temples and shrines as much as I can during my work. Fortunately, I have to drive a long way so that my clients live in many cities. Everytime I arrive at the place my client lives, I tend to check if I can visit temples or shrines and pray there. One more thing, in Chita peninsula, there is one volunteer interpreters’ association, and they guide foreigners who travel this peninsula. As a matter of fact, I’d like to join in this activities, but I’m ashamed to admit that I definitely don’t know Chita peninsula too much. In the other words, I was not so interested in this area. “Ofcourse I have to improve my English skills, but I do have to know this peninsula as well.” thinking like that, I visit temples and shrines.

In this blog, I’ll introduce as many temples and shrines I visited as possible in order to learn a lot of things about my area. (Ofcourse I’ll write other topics as well.)

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  1. PenguinTaro
    September 5, 2009 at 2:43 am

    I’m interestied in this topics too.
    I visited some of the seneries of Chita peninsula for 4years ago.
    My hobby is riding a mountain bike.So I triped by my precious bike.
    You know,these roads are something like animal trails. I remember that trail was really hard,but I enjoyed it.

    Someday,I’ll go all of them.
    Yes of cource,with my bike!

    • honeypotter
      September 5, 2009 at 3:10 am

      Hi! Penguin Taro! What’s up?
      I’m so touched that you left your comment in this blog, and I’m also impressed with your passion for English.
      Yeah, Chita peninsula has many places I should visit than I expected 😀 Animal trails? You went over there? Wow, you have as such guts as your passion for English 😀 Me? Ofcourse by car, not bicycle 😀 I’m not so tough…hehehe
      As you know, mainly those who visit Chita-shikoku temples put white clothes on, however, me, I visit temples in my suit. Sometimes people visiting temples are surprised me showing “How come such a business person come around here?” on their face. hihihi

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