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Something is inextricably linked with Japanese tolerance for religion.

September 5, 2009 6 comments

I wrote one article about tolerance for religion of the Japanese. This time, I’ll write my idea about something inextricably linked with it.

In August 30, we had the general election. In this election, the Liberal Democratic Party, which had been as the ruling party for over 50 years, got a landslide defeat by the Democratic Party of Japan. Some people say it’s the beginning of a two-party system, some people say it’s not because the Democratic Party of Japan won, but because the Liberal Democratic Party just lost being greedy. I’d like to write about it someday.

Today, I’ll talk about one party aiming the Diet seats of Lower House in the election. It is the Happiness Realization Party.

The Happiness Realization Party is composed of one religous school, “Happy Science”, which was established in 1986. As the results of the election, the Happiness Realization Party could get no Diet seat. I’m not saying that the Party was bad. I just thought the Japanese were strict about an involvement in politics by religion.

Ofcourse this time, the wave of anticipation for the Democratic Party in Japan was so huge, and I know the famous Party, “Komeito”, behind which the large religous school, Souka-gakkai helps. So I quickly can’t jump to my conclusions, however, I can’t help thinking the strictness for religion of the Japanese.

There are many differences between Komeito and the Happiness Realization Party. First of all, in the activities of Komeito, I couldn’t find anything about Daisaku Ikeda, who is the top person of Souka-gakkai. On the contrary, in the case of the Happiness Realization Party, the president of the party, Ryuho Okawa aggressively ran the Party. Second, there is a difference of the history between the two parties. Happy Science is still young, so people might think that they don’t know it too much. As I said, I can’t jump to my conclusions because this time Komeito got withering defeat as well as the Liberal Democratic Party did, however, I guess there’s something fastidous about politics among the Japanese.

Ironically, one of my friends went watching the debate between candidates in our constituency and said to me like that; “The candidate of the Happiness Realization Party was the most intelligent and articulate between them!”.

We, the Japanese, don’t care for our own behaviors, such as visiting shrines in the three days of the new year, celebrating the Christmas and praying in front of temples thinking our ancesters, but we might care of participations of religion?

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