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A blue rabbit died because of loneliness, one celebrity vanished because of misdeeds.

September 9, 2009 6 comments

Do you know Noriko Sakai? She was a Japanese famous pop singer and actress. The film above is her prominent song, “A blue rabbit.”

Now that she’s been arrested for alleged amphetamine possesion, and additionaly is going to be indicted for the stimulant use. Many fans in Japan of this 38-year-old celebrity are depressed with her, whereas many people hope her come back. (ofcourse it seems so hard)

Looking back to the past cases between musicians (especially rockers) and drugs, we can find a lot of cases. Because of tiredness, because of inspiration,…there are many reasons when they use drugs.

As you already know from this blog, me, also WAS a musician. Ofcourse I was just an amateur, however, we stood right in front of audience at the livehouse and got a little money. We have a deadline for making our original songs every month, so every day and night I struggled inspiring for that work. In that respect, I thought we were the same as professional musicians. (ofcourse I know I had no talent…lol)

Even if I was blue, I must make myself lively and lift myself up at the top of the world. Ofcourse I had no experience to take drugs, however, sometimes I heard some rumors that somewhere, somehow, someone took them.

Getting chances to spring good melodies and lyrics up was so hard for me, so I always had my tape recorder around myself. Once I got good melodies or lyrics, I sang or talked to my recorder. After that, I started composing my song from the tapes with my guitar listening to my voices in my tape recorder. I had one bitter memory about that deed. I got very good phrases while taking a bath, so I suddenly got out of the bath room and started recording my phrases. Ofcourse I was naked! “la la la…” I thought it took five or ten minutes, then I got back to the bath.

It was my most favorite and quality song I’ve ever made. Instead, I got a cold at that time…lol

Noriko Sakai… How come she was into the drugs? For inspirations? In order to get rid of her tiredness? I think I was happy not to take illegal drugs, but to take just medicines for my cold when I made my own songs.

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