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No one wants to be “old maid” in power games.

After the general election held in August in Japan, the LDP(Liberal Democratic Party) seems to get lost in the forest named “Who becomes the president of the LDP?”.

During over-50-year dominance by the LDP, Yohei Kohno was the only president of the LDP who couldn’t become the Prime Minister. This time, someone who is supposed to be the president of the LDP is supposed to be the same as him.

Even me, as an amateur on politics, it’s understandable that politicians of the LDP have difficult in raising their hand under circumstances. It’s totally a headwind for them, however, someone in the party should be in charge of the president. “Ummm…it’s like an card game…an old maid…” thinking like that, I read newspapers everyday.

Ever since August 30, I’ve been thinking someone young, such as Nobuteru Ishihara should become the president of the LDP. Although it’s actually going to be tough time for him, we have one proverb like this; “The position can make you grow”. Ofcourse I think we need to warmly watch for him without negative views. I think the new president of the LDP should keep his/her position this time so that the LDP can obtain trust from voters. It needs a long term, I think.

But unfortunately, Nobuteru Ishihara stepped down from the race. “He doesn’t think it’s about time. Besides, it’s said that he’s a bit weak in his mental way. Once someone older says something tough, he easily gets down.” my father said it with laughing. “Because of his father, Shintarou Ishihara.” he added it. Ishihara Shintarou is famous for an hawkish politician. He is also a strict father. “Pay much respect for the elder made him a wimp?” thinking like that, I watched his talk about stepping down on TV. Actually, I guess he wanted to raise his hand but people around him didn’t let him do it. “Be patient. Please wait until the time has come. At least two or three years, you have to wait for it.” I guess someone must say it to him.

Today, I heard that Sadakazu Tanigaki declared his candicacy for the president of the LDP. I don’t know if he, whose appearance is bureaucratic rather than politician, will be able to go through this tough situation.

“He’s smart and intelligent, but he has no charisma.” my father said.

Ummm…If all politicians of the LDP had had their enough charisma, they would have not gotten such results this time…

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  1. September 14, 2009 at 8:42 am

    He’s weak if he’s CONSTANTLY worrying about what people around him are saying.

    To me Japanese leaders are here today, gone tomorrow. It seems as if they come in with a wave of promises, and just like that, when and if they fail, the people kick them out pretty quick.

    • honeypotter
      September 14, 2009 at 2:59 pm

      Yeah, you completely understand what the people of Japan excatly is.
      I think…that the people, ofcourse including me, should change as well as the LDP. I think I might expect too much from them. Thank you for your comment. I feel I got something from your comment. Someday, I’ll write about it.

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