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“I must call you…you’re KASU!” this line made me crazy.

September 23, 2009 13 comments

I lately got serious articles in a row in this blog, so I think I should change the topics.

Recently, I don’t know why, one of my subordinates, who is 28 years old, got hooked on GUNDAM.

Ever since that, he gets something trivial on GUNDAM from many sources, such as comics or animations, and he throws out many questions to me as if he checks how much I know GUNDAM. Fortunately, the questions he threw were almost for beginners, so I just managed to answer them and I can show him my high-positioned skill as a superior…lol

I already wrote about GUNDAM before. (this is the article) Actually, ofcourse because of the amount of watching, among our generation, “the first GUNDAM” is said it’s the best. As a matter of fact, I like “Z-GUNDAM” rather than the first, however, the complication or elaboration of human relationship in “the first” beats “Z-GUNDAM” or “ZZ-GUNDAM”, I think. (However, in the respect of the complication on correlationship of the characters, I think “Z-GUNDAM” is the most complicated one.)

One of enjoyable parts on “the first” is said that there are many memorable and impressive lines in it.

(I just translated famous lines in “the first” by myself, so there might be some mistakes and you have better expressions than mine.)
“Let me show the abilities of your mobile suits!”
“I’ve never been punched! Even by my Dad!”
“Sadly, we’re definitely…under the warfare”
“What a wimp!”
“I must call them like this; They’re idiot!”

“idiot” in the last phrase for kasu in Japanese, you can see it in many situations, especially on the Internet. It is often written by katakana, which is one way to express in Japanese. Japanese is composed by kanji(chinese character), hiragana and katakana. kasu is originated from the meaning “the last thing which is left after doing something” and is also originated from the meaning “useless”. We often use kasu for an insult word. On the Internet, kasu is also used like this; as an abbreviated expression, “ks”. “Hey, you don’t understand it at all! ks!” you can often see such an expression.

In “the first”, Guillen Zabi, the second positioned executive of the Principality of Zeon, adopted this expression kasu in his speech. After that, he killed his father and also his superior, Degwin Sod Zabi. I don’t know why, but I was absolutely impressed with the scene when I first watched it. “He must be in public position. I don’t think many politicians proclaim their thoughts by using such an impolite word.” I, an elementary school student at that time, thought like that.

As seen above, there are many interesting lines in “the first”, so even now, many people still love “the first”. However, in the respect of the theme songs in a series of GUNDAM, I do want to introduce better one than the first’s. (As I wrote before, in the respect of GUNDAM itself, I love “ν GUNDAM”)

Here it is, the opening song of “Z-GANDAM”. Now, how is Hiroko Moriguchi doing?

This is another song Hiroko Moriguchi sang in another GUNDAM story(GUNDAM F91).

I would like to show you my favorite GUNDAM, please check it.

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