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Unstable words sound more unstable day by day.

October 11, 2009 4 comments

The Democratic Party of Japan (the DPJ), The Social Democratic Party and The People’s New Party (kokumin shin tou) have formed the tripartite coalition for about a month. People already know they agreed with each other because of the Diet seat at the Upper house, and people also don’t know this coalition is going to last by the election which is supposed to be held in summer. With this agreement, the DPJ can also achieve the majority in the Upper house. In other words, if the DPJ wins the election in summer, they don’t need to keep their coalition.

Frustration against the Liberal Democratic Party governing Japan over 50 years is the main reason why voters choose the LDP. The lawmakers of the DPJ definetely know it. In order to win the election in August, the LDP drastically proclaimed their manifesto, which just sounds like pursuing dreams and probably only tend to attract people. I think the manifesto now makes it dubious to achieve due to its idealistic perspective. Unstable Utterances on the problems of the base in Okinawa of the Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, were one of the effects of both of the coalition and the manifesto.

According to articles about Yukio Hatoyama on the Internet, he advocated that bases, which are tactically built by the convention between Japan and America, should be transfered to other prefectures or overseas. But now, as the top person of Japan and as the leader of the governing party, his words is falling in constraints. No one can make a treaty alone. He has to discuss and conclude this matter with America, considering the tripartite coalition and his personal policy.

I’m definitely not saying Okinawa have to endure all of parts of the treaty. I mean, words which he tentatively gave people in order to win the election and get the Diet seats will ironically hold himself. Okay, if he, as what he said “other prefectures or overseas”, indicated its tangible region, people living there would resist his words. What if he would indicate overseas? Do we have to compensate its country for transferring bases? What if the country would not accept our ask? Is it okay just to impose something troublesome bothering Japanese to other countries?

It is undeniable that we were the one who choose ‘who was better’ in the election, so we have to keep watching where our choices go. However, I can’t help thinking that people of the LDP is kind of a dreamer. I like the word ‘dreamer’, which is the word; ‘people accomplished their dream after breaking the wall called REALITY’, not the word; ‘sweet words just only let people comfortable’. It is important for politicians to say sweet and uplifting words towards people, ofcourse I know it. I hope his words would be not only ones dangled in front of people to vote but also ones of which people can be proud in the future.

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