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Every little things in my ordinary life 2

October 29, 2009 8 comments

A new webcam like a human’s eye
Ever since I was 27 or 28 years old, I often chat with many people all around the world. Yahoo! Messeneger was the main software at my initial chatting experience, though, Skype has taken over the position past few years. I turned my webcam, which I bought 6 years ago, on and had a happy time talking with my friends. Time flies. I’ve recently bought a new webcam, about which I wrote in this blog before, and that made me surprised with its advanced techinical method.

This is the webcam I bought. Logicool QuickCam Orbit AF It looks like a human’s eye very much, doesn’t it? I was impressed with it again as I installed it into my comupter. As the website introduced it, this camera can trace your face in front of your PC. When you stand up in front of your PC, it turns its angle upper, when moving toward right, it chases your face as well.

Watching this camera excitedly, I imagined one slimy but metallic thing in one movie. Do you know the movie, “War of the Worlds”, which Steven Spielberg rivived in 2005? In the movie, there is a scene, in which a father and his daughter, Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning acted respectively, tried to hide in a basement. And one of aliens came down to the basement and search for humans, then. This new camera reminded me of this slimy but metallic thing in the movie. What do you think of this cam? Anyway, in addition to this chasing function, it can sophisticatedly broadcast your face, even your wrinkles included, so I think I have to go to the aesthetic clinic in order to show my face beautifully…lol

The reason they are going to divide the story into two movies
‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ is the book I’m now reading. I just achieved the half of the whole story yesterday, and I understood why the movie director was this time going to divide this story into two movies. You can see a lot of topics even in the first half, which seem necessary in order to put plots into the story. Ofcourse I know directors are also required to abbreviate or omit the original story, however, I think it’s impossible to do it. In other words, if I’m allowed to critically say something, I think the auther puts extra topics into the story too much.

Galloping up and down on the first strings
Ritche Blackmore was my first guitarist turning me on when I was a high school student. In Japan, we often hold a school festival every year in our high school age. At the festival, I stood right in front of audiences and played. ‘Highway Star’ was one of songs I played at the festival. After graduated from the high school, as you see in this blog, my friends and I made our own songs and played them in the livehouse. Ritche Blackmore also had many influences on my playing style, esecially on my guitar solo. My ex-girlfriend, also played the guitar, told me that I tended to finish my guitar solo with galloping up or down on the first strings like Ritche. Listening to this song, I remembered this topic.

I’m going out to have dinner with my friend, so I have no time to reply your comments right now. Sorry about that. I’ll do that tomorrow.

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