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Every little things in my ordinary life 3

November 4, 2009 9 comments

My business is killing me
I feel like it’s been a long time since I wrote the last article in here. I’m so sorry I was late to reply for your comments.

Actually, tough days kept going on these days. As you know, as a consultant, I have to attend meetings of my clients, give them advice and make documents for them.

I’ve been working with one quite arrogant client this year, who at first tried to break the contract with me. Now that his mind has changed and he starts counting on me…but unfortunately, his being arrogant is never changed…lol

The telephone from him suddenly (ofcourse phones always start ringing suddenly…lol) strikes me, getting even worse, his talks are prone to take a long time… I know we now have a lot of problems on managements for his association, however, I can’t help…as if my business is killing me…in real…hehehe

This curvaceous lady could change my mind?
Aichi prefecture, where I was born and live, is the place which can be called “the dominated town by TOYOTA”. TOYOTA, the enormous car manufacturer, places its head quater in Toyota city. Thanks to TOYOTA and its subsidiaries, we can get chances to earn money more than other prefectures. (On the contrary, after lehman shocks, we had tough days, especially in downtown areas of Nagoya) So people living in Aichi often buy TOYOTA’s cars and ride. I counted the number of TOYOTA’s cars passing me while driving in Toyota city. Suprisingly, more than a hundred TOYOTA’s cars in row was running on my opposite road.

But I must say, “I don’t like TOYOTA’s cars”. Why? Because they are too nicey-nicey, like; ‘I’m an honor student’ written in them. Yeah, I know how high their qualities are, how precise they are made. “Which manufacturers should I choose when I buy a car?” I’ll definitely answer like this “It’ll be no problem when you choose TOYOTA”. I, however, must say, “I don’t like TOYOTA”. I do love MAZDA even though MAZDA looks like underachievers. Since I got my driver’s license, I got 5 new cars. Ofcourse all of them were produced by MAZDA. But now, one new prototyped car by TOYOTA has appeared in the Tokyo Motor Show. The car is named “FT-86 concept”.

The serial number “86”(You should call it “hachiroku”, not “eighty six” when you’re going to indicate the name of the car) is known to sporty car lovers, and in the best sellers comics, “Initial D”, the hero drives his own 86 and beat many rivals riding on latest cars. This time, TOYOTA is planning that they revive and renew “86”. I checked it on the Internet and was surprised with its shape…it’s…so cool…

I found one film introducing “FT-86 concept” in YouTube, which seems one of scenes in “Gran Turismo 5”, a game. You can see “FT-86” and “86” drifting on the circuit in the film.

Not allowed to say “I understand English grammars” until you practically use them
I had a chance to join in one game of English with my friends who also learn English. It was quite simple. Just remember 200 sentences and say them correctly in English after you fliped the card in which translated sentences into Japanese were written. Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer them completely and my friends couldn’t do that, either. During this game, I couldn’t help feeling that I must not say, “I understand English grammars”, until I can practically use them. Ofcourse I know it’s important and valuable for us to know “grammars” when reading or listening in English, however, I guess mainly English learners in Japan tend to neglect to pay their attention to “grammers” when writing or speaking. I think the secret to imrove our grammar skills when writing or speaking is just USE English too much. In other words, “trial and error” by writing or speaking in English is the best and primal way to do that, I guess.

In recent articles, I wrote my ordinary life. Actually, I always hope I would write other topics, especially on Japanese cultures. I haven’t finished writing a series of sake articles yet. Ummm…sorry about that. Within two weeks, since I have one task I promised with my friends, I would try to write an article about katsudon and the history of domburi in Japan. Don’t miss it.

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