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Japan takes the second place

November 8, 2009

In this article, I introduced you one FPS game, Special Force, which was originated in Korea. This game is loved from FPS players in the Asian region as well as Sudden Attack or other games which are born in Korea. As for Special Force, the world championship tournament was held this week end in Taiwan.

In this tournament, 8 teams from 7 countries, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, America, Philippines and Taiwan(got 2 teams as the host) aimed the first place. At the previous championship in 2008, Japan got the 5th place. This time, NHN, the company managing Special Force in Japan, in order to get higher position in the tournament, attempted to have the Japan team experienced a lot. For example, they gave the team a chance to fight with one famous clan in Korea. It was said at that time that the Japan team don’t have so many chances to stand right in front of many spectators and play the game. That’s why NHN tried to have the team experienced as much as possible.

Unfortunately, I had no time to watch their first-round match held on Saturday because of my business, but I got a chance to watch the final round on Sunday. Thanks to the TV station of Taiwan or something, we could watch games broadcasting on the Internet. Before the program began, I checked the results and was totally surprised with them. Japan got through the preliminary league as the second place and beat the team of America in the semi-final! In that preliminary league, the team of Korea, which was known as one of the favorites for this championship, fought in the other league, and that would have been one of reasons Japan went through the league. Anyway, I was so touched with this result and it made me stick to my PC.

The Taiwan team(is called ‘spider’), the opponent in final, I don’t know if my description was correct, seemed like the team professional players gathered. They put the same colored jacket on which the names of companies postted. Besides, in addition to their families, ‘the spider girls'(I named them on my own, I don’t know how they are called in fact) stood around the team like their secretaries or something.

In final round, they seemed they had to fight alternately as CT(Counter Terrorist) and T(Terrorist) in two stages, ‘satellite’ and ‘desert camp’, which was the most commonly used stage for clan matches in Japan.(You can see ‘desert camp’ in my YouTube film) The Japan team started with T(Terrorist; the team trying to plant the bomb) in satellite. “Ummm…T in satellite…they must be difficult games…” whispering like that, I kept watching. It’s difficult for T in satellite to liaize and attack. The two places to plant the bomb, the room and the roof, are tough places not only to seize them from CT but also to protect them from CT after planting the bomb. As a matter of fact, I often play this game with my clan mates and I usually fight as a commander. Last year, in order to join in a competition and win, I planned many missions as T in satellite, however, I just felt only their difficulties. Ofcourse I know our useless skills were the very reason we lost, couldn’t win at the competition at all…lol

Not because they couldn’t liaised well, but because personal skills of the Taiwan team were better than Japan’s, the Japan team just kept earning their lost. As I wrote above, even though they got the roof or room where they should plant the bomb, the players of the Taiwan easily got them back. It’s notable that two players of the Taiwan team, SAMMY and POLO. SAMMY was an assulter(Is this word usually used?) holding M4A1. He knocked Japan’s attacks down alone. Although he was outnumbered by Japan players, he survived and beat them. “How could he do that? Cheating or something?” Ofcourse he played in front of many spectators, so it’s impossible to cheat in the games, but I couldn’t help saying like that. POLO was a sniper using PSG-1. “If we got a sniper like him in our clan, we would be able to win a lot… How could he aim so correctly?” it’s very vital to hit from a distance before CQB during clan matches. In other words, the sniper of your opponent is the most important target and you always have to check where it is and it will be.

The players of Japan team, especially ‘kids(caLifas)’ and ‘Hore(AKiRis), the best AKers I thought, also did their best, but sadly they didn’t make it. The second place was the result of them. I have entered the room they hosted before when they joined in the other clan, the legendary clan Ikkitousen. ‘kids'(I prefer to call him ‘caLifas’ with deep respect) killed me in split seconds. Ever since I experienced it, I got as many films they played as possible and studied how to move in clan matches.

I think the competition will be held next year as long as this game’s service keeps going. I hope they would polish their skills up again, try the next one and get the first place.

I’ll put one film’s URL on this article, in which ‘caLifas’, ‘AKiRis’ and ‘Rikip’ are featured.
‘caLifas’, ‘AKiRis’ and ‘Rikip’

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