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Funny Dreams Chapter 1…”The escape from werewolves”

November 18, 2009 10 comments

I’ll make a new category in this blog. I named it ‘Funny dreams.’ Anybody has dreams, right? I don’t know why people see their dreams and how our mental status influence on our dreams, however, we anyway see dreams. I’ll describe my funny dreams when I got them. In articles of this category, I will not use ‘I’ so that I want to write these articles like novels or something. I would like you to know ‘H.P.’ indicates me.

This is the first article in this catergory…

H.P. eluded something with one beautiful princess. ‘Something’, as this word expressed, was not human being. They had their own solid nails and changed their appearances into werewolves. Dark and fresh bloods were poured from their mouthes. They looked like not only werewolves but also vampires.

These werewolves things seemed to get the princess’ blood. The beautiful and young lady’s one has a great power and make them immortal. They were getting nearer and nearer. However, H.P. got two skills. His martial arts like karate and…chakra…which was branded on his forhead. Everytime he punched or kicked the worewolves, the chakras on his head was sparked like a flash light, and werewolves suddenly got vanished.

H.P. and the princess were running down on the street. The attack by werewolves were like a wave, so they were exhausted. He pointed one restaurant at the corner of the street and told her to hide.

The clerk recognized her at once who she was when they entered the restaurant. He brought them two glasses of cold water and said, ‘Why don’t you two hide in the ceiling from werewolves for a while?’ He strode toward the corner of the restaurant, grabbed one string hung from the ceiling and pulled it. The board was flipped down and the entrance of the ceiling appeared. ‘Come on, goin’ in.’ he beckoned H.P. and the princess. ‘It’s too dangerous! We can’t escape from the enemies because we got the only entrance!’ H.P. showed his worry on his face and said. ‘Don’t worry, you can climb the ladder in the ceiling and get the roof of this buliding. If you think you are in danger, you can do it and move another roof.’ smiled the clerk.

The muddy, dirk and dirty ceiling, it seemed no one used it for a long time. Turning the light on, H.P. told the princess to take as much rest as possible. Saying like that, he thought the advice was useless. ‘Under this circumstances, no one can relax. Even me.’

One scream thundered below the ceiling. That was clerk’s one. They seemed to enter the restaurant. The sounds of foot steps were louder and louder. ‘They can trace us by smelling us. We have to get out of here.’ I said to her and opened the window. ‘Oh, my God… We can’t reach that roof over there…it’s far from here.’ The another roof was so far that H.P. and the princess could not reach there. Instead of another roof, he found another way to escape from werewolves. There was a small balcony under the window, he thought they could climb down along the balcony.

Bang! The lid of the entrance to the ceiling was opened and H.P. heard the growls of the enemies. ‘Go ahead!’ H.P. and the princess stepped forward to the balcony. ‘Hurry!’ They’re coming!’ yelled H.P. ‘Jump!’

At this moment, the dream had finished…

Ummm…I have no talent to write my dream as a novel. No one would buy my story…hehehe

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