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What a nice coincidence!

November 26, 2009 9 comments

Although I bought two new games in order to relax, I have a lot of things to do in my work, so I can hardly get a time to play them.

By the way, I had an English class at the university tonight. You can participate to the class no matter what you are, even though you aren’t a university student. How could I say it? ‘Open college’? Anyway, I attended the class tonight. Our funny Australian teacher always brings interesting topics, and thanks to him, we can freely talk about the topics in English.

When the class was over, one woman told me that her daughter met me. ‘What? Your daughter? Umm…I guess the daughter must be young. I’ve not seen any young girl recently…’ thinking like that, I asked her when and where I met her daughter. ‘At the place of the interview test in English’ she said it to me.

Ooooooohhhh! Yeah, I met her! As I wrote it before, I had an English exam and I passed the first task at the test. As the second task, I had to have an interview test. There were two girls waiting in the room when I arrived at the place of the test. I thought more people had passed the first task and would have the interview test, so I said two girls like this; ‘Only us? No other examinee?’ With my words, we started talking about this test and how we learned English. We talked with each other so loudly that staff warned us. One of them, the younger girl of them, was the one. The female classmate kept talking and told me that her daughter already knew me when she got the first task. It seemed that she and I took the test at the same classroom and I sat right behind her. Luckily, both of us passed the interview test.

What a nice coincidence! Our Australian teacher and other classmates were surprised with this topic as well as I was. ‘Ummmm….I should have been cooler if I had known this!’ laughed I. And then, I gave the female classmate my name card in order to let her daughter know this blog. I hope she would check and be surprised with this article….hehehe

One way or another, I think I should check my appearance and my attitude wherever I go…lol

P.S. I’m so sorry I couldn’t reply for your comments. I gotta go right now. I’ll comment tomorrow. Sorry about that.

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