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Funny Dreams Chapter 2…”The stalked stalker”

December 2, 2009 6 comments

I got a funny dream again, so I’ll show you it.

Woken up by the sound of RX-7, H.P. looked around and nothing happened out of my car. A few days ago, he got a call from his ex-girlfriend. She already got married to someone else and had her baby. Ever since she and H.P. broke up with each other, some pressure on them had gone somewhere and they could talk with each other with relax.

‘Hey, H.P. I have a problem.’ The call from her told that someone stalked her and that made her nervous. ‘A stalker? What did you do for him?’ I threw my question for her. ‘Nothing! I didn’t even talk with him! I guess I met him at a supermarket. I remember him standing behind me in a line at the counter.’ said she with fear in her voice. ‘Hey, H.P. I’d like you to chase him and get who he is.’ She begged me. ‘Ummm…I don’t know I’ll be able to live up to your expectation, but I’ll do it.’

‘I should have used other car… Anyone can easily notice me with the sound and the color of this car.’ My vivid red-colored and curvaceous RX-7 got attracted easily.

H.P. saw her walking along the street toward the supermarket where she first met the stalker. He also found a man gazing and walking behind her. ‘Umm…It must be him… Hey! Look at him! Not so ugly, an average looking guy…How come he does such a idiot thing?’ He couldn’t thinking like that. Anyway, he didn’t need to care about him no matter who he was. She was his priority to protect. H.P. got out of his car and followed the stalker.

A little learning is a dangerous thing. H.P. doesn’t have such an experience like a prominent detective. Anyone can feel other’s gaze on the back. H.P. threw his eyes so much that the atmosphere of the stalker had changed. ‘The stalked stalker…what a lame joke…Oops’ H.P. suddenly dropped his eyes eggplants on the shelves. ‘Goddam it! Fukin’ eggplants!’ Eggplants were the worst thing he hated.

‘Hey, do I have a problem on you?’ the stalker finally noticed H.P. and came toward him. ‘Nope.’ H.P. at least said one word to the stalker. When he kept saying the following words for explanations(he tried to explain how he disliked eggplants), something hit his face. That was the stalker’s leg. He kicked H.P. like a karate player.

I work up with his high kick…lol

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