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The Christmas gift from Eric Martin.

December 7, 2009 8 comments

I had a chance to go to Osaka for the concert of Eric Martin.

Eric Martin, the lead singer of MR.BIG, is famous in Japan and he is also singing covered Japanese songs translated into English. I don’t know how much the sales of his CDs are, though, you can hear his voice through the radio at many places in Japan.

Concerts, live, GIGS, I imagine they are passionate and aggressive. This time, it’s my first time to know there is another type of concerts. It’s like…ummm….the dinner show. I don’t know it’s correct usage in English, however, we use ‘dinner shows’ as one of style of concerts in Japan. Dinner shows are often held in hotels. Famous singers, such as Seiko Matsuda or Go Hiromi, walk between their audience while singing. The audience can enjoy their dinner buring dinner show. Audience can feel singers closer by their walking among tables. That’s the secret people go to dinner shows.(I don’t know if my description is right…lol)

Actually, a few months ago, I also went to the concert of MR.BIG. MR.BIG is also popular among Rock lovers in Japan. Once they started playing their opening song at the concert, we all rose our hands, stood up and shock our hip. Eric’s first song this time was ‘PRIDE’, which is the song Miki Imai, a famous female singer in Japan. People would not stand and focus on his voice because ‘PRIDE’ was a mature song. No one stood. After a few songs went, with Eric’s words, we stood and the concert had been back to ‘the concert.’

The song, ‘M’, is the best song he sings in his album I feel, so I hoped he would sing it. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get my hope. I’ll show you the song…

Eric Martin – M –

He has a hoarse voice generally, but it sounded like worse than usual. Seemed like tough at the highest part of songs.

I was surprised with another thing, following the topic ‘dinner shows’. The concert was consist with two parts and there was a break between them! This was also my first experience. He sang covered Christmas songs in the second half. ‘Last Chrismas’ and other famous Christmas songs in Japan, he covered them. He’s recently composed these covered Christmas CD and launched them.

By the way, the Japanese often sing ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ at karaoke because they don’t know other famous Christmas songs in English so much, ofcourse including me. “Even though I don’t listen to and sing English songs, I know only ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You'” my friends who can’t speak English often say it.

Ummm…the impression of his concert…I must say ‘not so great’ this time. Choice of songs, his performance, the atmospheres of the hall, I couldn’t get satisfied so much. Next year, I’m going to go to the concert of Backstreet Boys. I have much expectation on it.

I went to a few shrines before the concert. I’ll write articles about them next time.

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