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Every little things in my ordinary life 4

December 16, 2009 6 comments

Christmas is just around the corner
I can see people putting clothes like Santa Claus in shops wherever I go. Christmas is just around the corner.

How’s your Christmas party in your country? In Japan, actually we had Christmas parties when I was a kid. Now that we spend recent Christmas being as usual. Maybe it’s only my family lol.

‘How’s your Christmas party?’ I always answer this question like this; ‘As usual. I’m gonna work.’ As I wrote before, I’m going to be busy working in December. In December, people in gorvernments usually end their work earlier than usual. It’s going to be Dec 28 for the last day in this year. There is a ton of applications for governments in my business. Registrations by the end of the year are quite different from the ones after starting another year, especially tax deductions for income tax. ‘You have to register my house within 3 or 4 days.(It usually takes at least a week)’ one of my clients order me without hesitating. I always struggle in Dec 24 or 25 every year lol. After shigoto osame, which means ‘the last day we finish working in the year’, I always say to my staff, ‘Merry Christmas.’

Always difficult ‘right on the cue’
I wrote one article that Japan team won the second place in one FPS competition. I got films in YouTube. I’ll put one of them, which you can see USA vs JPN, the first half of semi-final.

Sattelite, the famous stage in Japan which we choose for clan wars, is quite difficult for CT players to attack, especially the suppression of one place called ‘ROOM.’ You have three ways to enter the room, from the upper hallway through the center, a duct and the lower hallway through the network room. It sounds easy to attack because you have three ways. Before you reach these entrance, however, you have to go through CT’s intercepts.

You can see the scene that USA team struggled in right front of the room around 5:30 in this film. You have to keep silent, listen to CT’s footsteps and strike right on cue.

Incidentally, I recently signed in this game and played for a while, but…I thought I had to retire. Recent players have been sophisticated!

Which punishment do you want?
I told you that I went to Osaka in my previous article. I had a strange experience while I was driving to my home.

In Japan, people don’t be allowed to keep driving in a passing lane for a long time. I drove my car so fast in addition to driving on the passing lane. Something red sparked right behind my back. It was a police car!

‘Hey, Parking on the side of highway is too dangerous. Please follow me.’ younger police officer ordered me to follow their car. I made my car toward the police car which was not ringing its siren, but flickering.

I just thought I drove much faster than the limited speed on highways, so I imagined myself having my driver’s license stripped. However, I faced their strange words when I was in the police car after I parked my car. ‘Which punishment do you want?’

I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Since when do we get multiple choices under this cercumstance? ‘You have two choices. One is that you’re fined 35,000 yen for driving over the speed limit. And the other is that you’re fined 6,000 yen for keep driving on the passing lane. Which do you want?’

I just tried to understand what they were supposed to do. Younger police officer suddenly said to me with his irritated voice. ‘Hey! You can’t get which one? Then I’ll choose the stricter one!’ Hey…am I your subordinate or something? Elder officer commanded him to calm down. It looked like a cheap drama lol.

I got cheaper one in the end. I asked my father why they put two choices on me when I was back. As a matter of fact, my father was a police officer. ‘They don’t want you to be in the court. It’s gonna be troublesome not only you but also them. With suggesting two choices, people can’t help deciding between the two, right? Any possibilities that officers stand in the court and attest has gone if only you confess your violation, right?’ said my father.

Always a catch.

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