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Funny Dreams Chapter 3…”Down a hill with one celebrity”

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(This article put in this category is just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)


‘I have something to ask.’ said one superior to H.P. in their office. ‘We,’ the superior kept talking to H.P. with an excited voice, ‘got a chance to attend a talk show.’ H.P. didn’t get how he got so excited and asked, ‘Who’s going to talk in front of us?’ ‘Youka and Chiharu Niiyama! Isn’t it hot?!’ the superior said it to me with a you-must-be-suprised-with-them voice. Youka and Chiharu Niiyama are famous talents in Japan, but they had not gotten popular yet at that time. In order to get their fans, they held the talk show as one of promotions. ‘Unfortunately, I’m not so interested in such talents. You can enjoy it alone.’ asked H.P. ‘Hey! Come on! Let’s go!’ insisted the superior. ‘Ummm…if you insist…’ said H.P.

After Youka and Chiharu Niiyama’s boring talk show, they gave the chance to shake hands with them to the attendees. In front of two young ladies, people gathered and lined up. ‘Hey, can I get out of here and take a break in somewhere?’ said H.P. boringly. ‘Come on! You gotta a great chance! Youka and Chiharu! It must be a memorial day today!’ said the superior.

Youka was rather famous than Chiharu Niiyama at that time. At first, H.P. got a chance to shake hands with Youka. ‘Hmmm, it’s just a young girl… I don’t know how come she is so attracted…’ H.P. just thought it. After Youka, kind of lightning hit the head of H.P. when he stood right in front of Chiharu Niiyama. He lost his words as he shook hands with Chiharu Niiyama, who kept smiling as a professional talent. ‘Hello? Are you OK? What happens to you?’ smiled she looking at H.P. ‘No…I just…I just thought…you’re so…so beautiful than I expected…I just lost my words…I don’t even know what I’m talking to you now…’ H.P. struggled to say something interesting to her as much as he could, but he totally couldn’t. ‘Wow! I got a very precious moment with you! I was surprised with you expressing so nervous! You’re so eloquent even though anyone horrible stands in front of you! I should have taken photos of your nervous face!’ chuckled the superior. Yeah, he was right. It’s not any problem for H.P. at all no matter how tough situation goes. But Chiharu Niiyama turned H.P. on completely. Now that she’s been married and has her baby. It was a funny story when H.P. was 25 years old.
(It was not fiction, but a fact. It was just a topic when I was 25 years old during my previous work.)

-The Funny Dream-

H.P. got a chance to have a date with Chiharu Niiyama. He took her driving onto the winding road in a mountain at night. ‘Hey, look at the sky! What gorgeous stars!’ said Chiharu to H.P. The winding road like a snake couldn’t allow H.P. even to glance at them. ‘Yeah, great stars!’ He could only reply for her.

He was finally satisfied with what she said when he arrived at the top of the mountain. He got surprised with stars as if someone stumbled and scattered them in the sky. All stars twinkled and it looked like they say ‘Go for it! H.P.!’

‘Hey, what is that over there?’ Chiharu suddenly pointed out one direction when H.P. tried to put his hand on her shoulder. ‘What? Where?’ H.P. looked at where she pointed as he pulled back his hands like nothing happened. ‘Ummm…it looks like…a lab or something…but I don’t know why it was built in such a place.’ said H.P. skeptically. ‘Hey, let’s check what happens there?’ said Chiharu like a mischievous kid. ‘What? No… I don’t think so… It looks dangerous!’ said H.P. ‘Oh, come on! Just get a little bit closer! That’s all!’ she insisted, pulled his clothes and headed for the laboratory.

‘See? I told you!!!’ the very phrase which sprung in H.P.’s head was such a thing. Chiharu and H.P. got almost 15 to 20 meters steps closer to the laboratory when the warning bell suddenly rung. ‘We got intruders! I repeat, we got intruders!’ people like soldiers holding guns in their hands found us with their search lights. ‘Run!’ shouted H.P. and grabbed Chiharu’s hand. Chiharu and H.P. run as fast as they could throuh the forest. H.P. could hear soldier’s shouts and footsteps closer and closer. ‘Get in the car!’ they barely reached their car. H.P. got into reverse and let the car position toward the road. He hit the accelerator like he hit an enemy. The car was peeled its tires.

The sight Chiharu and H.P. enjoyed before had definitely changed. All gravities had become nothing but their risks. The all kinds of fear when both of Chiharu and H.P. were captured hold his mind. Every corner he turned, the car looked staggering and nearly hit the walls. ‘Hey, H.P.! I’m scared! Please slow down!’ Chiharu said to H.P. in a begging voice. ‘You looked at them, right? I don’t know what they’re gonna do to us when they got us!’ shouted H.P. driving.

Sadly, H.P. didn’t have any skills to drive down a hill like a professional driver. The lights reflected stronger on the mirror. The chasers got closer and closer. Their pressure made H.P. distracted from the road ahead of him…

‘Watch out!’ screamed Chiharu.

The car jumped out of the cliff and flied out to…

I woke up at this scene.

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