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Every little thing in my ordinary life 5

December 22, 2009 16 comments

Game sickness
I already introduced you LEFT 4 DEAD 2, which I bought last month. This time, I’ll show you the other one. It’s Alone In The Dark.

Alone In The Dark was launched last year as the horror and adventurous game. The Central Park in New York, the stage of this game, is known as the place people can relax. There are, however, many mysteries hidden behind this beautiful park in this game. Edward Carnby, whom you play, has to beat his enemies and figure out horrible myteries.

I already finished this game, but let me introduce only the prologue of this game by a film.

Alone In The Dark Prologue 1-1

Alone In The Dark Prologue 1-2

I’d thought I don’t have any difficulty keep playing any games. I’d never imagined I got any game sickness. But I got game sickness while playing the game. As you see it from the film, the points of view are frequently changed every time the character got his action. It was too hard to keep playing the game. Sometimes I felt like throwing up, but I made it lol.

You might think it looks like a movie. Yeah, actually it’s like a movie. When you start playing this game again, you can see the scene like the famous drama 24’s ‘previously on 24’ before you are into the game. At the last chapter, you can feel it’s like a movie again. However, in the middle stage, it’s a little bit boring. I bought it so that I wanted to learn English through this game. I couldn’t help getting bored, especially while driving in the game lol. But it’s a good game, I think.

Voluntary appearance
I went to the Immigration Bureau to apply for the extention of eligibility for my client. There was no problem for application itself, but one sign made me blue. It was ‘Voluntary Appearance’.

As well as other countries, Japan is strict for illegal immigrants. It includes people illegally staying in Japan. It calls ‘over staying’ and the immigration bureau and police are too hard for such person’s arrests.

About three years ago, one of my friends was arrested for overstaying. I knew she deserved it. The gorvenment of Japan ordered her to come back to her country and prohibited her from coming to Japan for five years. I had told her again and again that she should have gotten married with Mr.Right and voluntarily appeared to the immigration. But she didn’t. I don’t know what she is doing in her country now. I hope she’ll get her happy life.

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