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My extraordinary days in Tokyo

December 27, 2009 8 comments

This weekend was totally NOT ordinary time for me. Actually, I was in Tokyo so that I attended one Internet radio which my master held.

Before radio started, we discussed how we were going to talk in it with each other during lunch. ‘O.K. Let’s talk about topics in English and Japanese alternately! How about changing our language between English and Japanese every 15 or 30 minutes?’ smiled my master. I imagined a tough but exciting time would lie ahead of me.

I was right. It was one of most exciting and thrilled time I’ve ever experienced. There are many English learners in Japan, and there are also many kind of discussions about ‘how to learn English’ or ‘is this method good or bad?’ among learners. We made such topics(arguments?) in English and Japanese.

It might make you who are reading this blog suprised. All people saying ‘I am learning English now’ in Japan are not always people saying ‘I can speak English.’ Ofcourse it depends on ‘how much English skills have you achieved?’, however, you can see the Japanese sometimes say ‘I am not good at English, especially speaking and writing’ even though they can communicate enough with foreigners in English. It’s not only because of our modesty but also because of our background in a way to learn English, I think. Most of English learners in Japan tend to treat English examinations as their first step to learn English. Through preparations for examinations, ‘correct or incorrect’ is often prioritized over ‘communicating.’ Although someone speak English or write something in English, other one tend to check it like a teacher. Learners fear their mistakes when expressing their feelings in English. It’s kind of vicious circle. We talked about such topics in the radio.

By the way…it was a disaster when I spoke English. I know it’s important to express ‘what’, not ‘how’ when communicating each other, but it’s…terrible. No fluency, shabby pronunciations…while talking in English, I thought I was going to be crazy. ‘I should have used these phrases”I could have said it like this’ such ideas were rolling in my mind looking back to the moment I talked. I got a lot of things to do from this conversation with my master and my friends through the radio. I’ll take my new steps to have myself improved.

I by the way got a lot of topics that I can write in this blog. Especially, dogu, which are dolls made out of clay in jomon era, are one of topics I’m supposed to write. Please don’t miss it.

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