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Thanks to the kids, I got interesting topics

January 31, 2010 4 comments

I wrote it before in my blog that I often visit temples and get signs called shuin(like signatures and stamps) in my shuin tyou book. Chita shikoku, a series of temples which a well known Buddhism priest visited long time ago, includes 98 temples for completion. I just got 29 temples’ shuin of them.

Nomadaibou(has its name ‘oomidouji‘ as the official name) is one of 98 temples I’m going to get their shuin. I had some photos and got interesting topics around the temple. This time, I’ll introduce them to you.
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She already knows what the elder haven’t noticed

January 30, 2010 10 comments

Now that information I often get is from Internet, not TV. The opportunities I watch TV are dramatically decreasing. Under such cercumstances, however, one girl, who is just an elementary school student, attracted me by chance in early Saturday morning.

The girl in one TV program got a terrible disease and was in the hospital for a month. While in the hospital, she saw one Japanese malathon athlete running in a race. The female athlete stumbled in her race again and again, however, she didn’t give up her race and kept running. The girl in the hospital got so touched with the athlete and decided to run like the athlete. After she got out from the hospital, she kept running and that made her healther.

She, as TV said, recorded how much time she got in running 3 kilometers and tried to run over it within 20 minutes. It sounds like very tough for female elementary students to do so in such time. TV staff invited a coach from an university and let him teach the girl how to well run, especially the running form. What’s interesting is that she thought a lot of things on running by herself. She not only got what the coach tried to teach but also questioned the coach again after she thought it. “genuinely absorb what the senior said, think it enough and try it by oneself” are the essential method for people to get better in any category.

There are some English learners in Japan who only ask. Ask…ask…ask… “Which textbooks are better?” “Tell me the best way to get a higher score in the test” “Tell me the secret to speak English fluently” you can already get a lot of methods or secrets from a lot of teachers and books. All you have to do now is just keep using, keep learing English, not think or learn about the best WAYS.

In the TV program, the girl attended the competition and surprisingly accomplished her target, less than 17(not 20) minutes for 3 kilometers. She already knows the ways to improve herself. “O.K. What about you?” such words appeared in my brain through screen.

It was so impressive in her mother’s words that she always grabbed her insurance card and patient registration card just in case every time her daughter attended the race but she told her daughter that she gave them away. During the race, the mother’s heart must have been pounding and hoped nothing happened to her daughter.

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Dogu express respects for mother goddess

January 27, 2010 2 comments

I’ve finally started writing an article that Mugami requested, which is about Jomon era. I’ll focus on Dogu in the article.

Do you know Dogu? Dogu are figurines made from clay in Jomon era, about 14,000 B.C. to 400 B.C. I got a chance to visit the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno at the end of the last year. The exhibit on Dogu were held in there.
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Funny Dreams Chapter 6…”Wrath of God”

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)


We have one English test called ‘TOEIC S/W’ in Japan. TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication, is a very famous test in Japan. You can check your English reading and listening knowledge in the test. TOEIC S/W, on the contrary, is the test for speaking and writing. Like TOEFL ibt, you have to sit before a computer, reply for the questions with your voice or by typing. The test has 200 points for each speaking part and writing part. I took the test 2 weeks ago and haven’t gotten the result of it yet. I guess I would get 100 points for each part.

– The Funny Dream –

H.P. was in an apartment where his ex-girlfriend lived. He woke up and saw her sleeping in the bed. He slid out off the bed so as not to disturb her sleep. Preparing for coffee, he made his way to the post at the door. He knew he could get the result of one test called ‘TOEIC S/W’, which he took a few weeks ago. He guessed he got 100 points for each part.

There was an envelope in the post. He found it said the result notice from the institute of the test. He couldn’t help opening up it. His heart was so pounding that he felt as if his heart would have risen up from his mouth. It said he got 130 points for speaking and 160 points for writing.

He didn’t know why, but he felt something unsatisfied. Ofcourse he knew he accomplished the target he thought before. ‘Ummmm…’, mumbling something, he walked around the room looking the result in his hand. He didn’t know what he was thinking and trying when he looked back what he did at that time. He grabbed an oil-based marker pen and started writing the points he got on the window. ‘Ummm…I got 130 points for speaking, 160 points for writing. How should I do next, then? To get more chances to talk with someone in English? To polish up my pronunciations in somewhere? Ummm…’ H.P. stood before the window and was gazing the number on the window.

‘What the hell are you doing????!!!!’ The thunderous shout hit H.P.’s head from his back. It was his ex-girlfriend, who had her wrathful face. H.P. didn’t know what made her so angry. ‘Hey, good morning. I got coffee for you.’ H.P. smiled her. She, however, continued her anger and said to H.P. ‘What the hell is it? What the hell is it?’ Something she pointed out was the oil-based marker pen. ‘It’s a pen…Oh, my God!!! I’m so sorry… I didn’t notice it’s…’ H.P. lost his words and understood what she got angry. ‘Erase it with this!’ she dashed back to her bed and got back, holding something. It was a polish remover for her make-up.

H.P. just killed his time in the morning, scouring the window like a janitor. ‘130 points for speaking, 160 points for writing…’ while scouring, he still kept mumbling.

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 7

January 22, 2010 4 comments

vaccinated but caught other one
The number of people infected swine flu is decreasing in Japan, however, we even now have to be careful with it. I got a chance to be vaccinated last week. Nothing about flu would interrupt my life any more, I thought. Sadly, I got other virus and was in bed with a high fever for a few days in this week. The fever went down on Wednesday, and I thought I could work hard the following day. But my guess was wrong. I mean, I should have done better with myself. One of my subordinate called me and helped me his negotiation, which he had to go to the place his obligator lived and order to get his money back or have his bike back.

We didn’t know if the obligator would keep living in the place I investigated before. Fortunately, he was there. ‘Hey, do you remember me?’ said my subordinate. ‘Sorry, I don’t know.’ said the obligator. ‘I ordered a customed bike at your shop and already paid my money for it. What have you done?’ said my subordinate. The obligator understood who the subordinate was and started explaining what he had been. ‘At first, I’m here to write a document to help my subordinate. You must sign it and pledge what you must do in it. We don’t care whatever happened to you. I’m sure you do understand what I’m saying.’ said I gently. ‘Yes, ofcourse. I was supposed to reach for him. Sorry, I couldn’t.’ said the obligator.

Listening to his explanationa(excuses), I wrote the lawful document like an oath. After finished, I firstly showed it to my subordinate and explained each term to let him know which advantages he got and disadvantages he got. And then, I showed it to the obligator as well. After that, the obligator gave his fingerprint and his signature on the document. I kept standing and sitting at the door while negotiating. It was so cold…

The fever rose up again when I was home.

the FBI agent did something wild like Jack Bauer
I bought two games when I was in Tokyo last year. One of them is ‘ART OF MURDER HUNT FOR THE PUPPETEER.’ In order to arrest the terrible murderer, called ‘PUPPETEER’, Nicole Bonnet is called in again. The murderer decorated all the deceased like marionettes, which were hung on ceilings or walls. Nicole Bonnet traced a lot of clues and made her way to three countries, France, Spain, Cuba.

This is my second time to play a mystery game in English, following ‘Alone In the Dark.’ It was difficult to play ‘Alone…’ This new game was also difficult. The former was difficult because it was easy to die, the latter was difficult because it was complicated to find the usages and combinations of items. Please check the film around 1:40. I wrapped the dall with the map and taped it. I already cleared the game before recorded this, so it looks like I found the idea easily. But it took toooooooooooooooo long at the first time play.

Nicole Bonnet was a very intelligent and tough woman like Jack Bauer. Even though she had to get an order to go back to the States from French police, she ran away from the French police officer and kept investigating. Sometimes she sneaks the site from the roof to get clues without the permissions.

It didn’t meet my expectation so much only around the final part, however, it was interesting overall. By the way, Nicole Bonnet said in the game to the French officer like this; ‘He’s gone at last. A truly unpleasant Frog.’ The word ‘Frog’ is usually used in ordinary life? I checked it with my dictionary. It is one of slangs, isn’t it?

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Funny Dreams Chapter 5…”Why me?”

January 20, 2010 2 comments

(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)


Do you know Mika Nakashima? She is a Japanese female singer, who sings a theme song of the movie, ‘sayonara itsuka which is being screened this Saturday. I don’t know her very much because I have myself in only English songs. Actually, Chiharu Niiyama, the lady acted(?) in my past dream, I WAS her fan. Mika Nakashima, on the contrary, for me, is just a famous person and singer. I’ve heard her songs before, especially her ballads sung at karaoke bar by female customers, not herself lol. That’s all.

-The Funny Dream-

H.P. was standing at the lobby in the hotel along the seaside. Given the room key, H.P. turned around and strode toward the elevator hall. Both of the lobby and the hallway got a luxurious ornaments overall and that made H.P. excited. ‘Anyway, I wanna change my clothes and relax.’ thinking about it, he stood in front of the door of the elevator and waited for it descending.

Ding-dong, the sound abruptly rung above H.P.’s head and he looked up at the door. One lady’s face were waiting for H.P.’s eyes. He stood so close to the door. ‘Wow, excuse…’, H.P. lost his words. The lady standing in the elevator was Mika Nakashima. He had never thought he could get a chance to see talents like her in such a place. He wondered what words he should say, standing in front of the door. ‘How about “Give me your autograph”? Ummm…actually I don’t know her so much.’ while such words were flying in his brain, he thought she passed through himself. However, she also gazed H.P. and kept standing in the elevator. H.P. eventually didn’t get what he should do, and tried to get in the elevator with only this phrase, ‘Excuse me?’ She only said ‘Uh…Yes’ and left the elevator, keeping turning around and looking at H.P.’s face. ‘Ummm…how come she kept gazing such a long time? I have so funny and strange face?’ looking at the indicator of floor, H.P. thought about it.

H.P. got out of the hotel and was taking a walk along the seaside after he changed his clothes. The scent of the sea embraced him heartily. ‘I was right. My choice was right.’ Sea gulls flying above him, many kinds of sounds from the sea, H.P. didn’t need to think about anything ordinary.

‘Hello, Mr…’ H.P. heard a voice from his back. That was Mika Nakashima‘s one. ‘Me?’ H.P. threw his question back for her. ‘Yes, you…’ said She. ‘Yes? Um…May I help you?’ H.P. didn’t know what to say as well as the time he met her at the elevator. ‘Yeah, could you…could you give me a time for…tea or something?’ said She with some hesitation. ‘With me? Yeah, ofcourse! As you see, I’m just walking.’ said H.P. with his smile.

They dropped by a coffee shop and took seats which they could get the ocean view. There were just a few customers in the shop and no one but waitresses noticed who Mika Nakashima was. Mika Nakashima didn’t seem to care about it. H.P. was the one who would rather did. ‘Are you OK with me? I mean…you have a lot of…people…um…I mean…paparazzi or something?’ She laughed with his words and said, ‘It’s OK. Never mind.’

Small talk went on. H.P. got a little bit nervous for a while, but he at last got relaxed. One of her famous songs, yuki no hana was played in the radio by chance when they talked up.

(The lady featured in this film is Haruka Ayase, not Mika Nakashima. Please enjoy the song.)

‘Oh, you know this song?’ said She. ‘Sorry, only a part of it. I know only the covered song Eric Martin songs.’ said H.P. ‘Too bad…’ She showed disappointed atmosphere to H.P. but started singing, like whisper. H.P. closed his eyes and listened to her whisper. Even whisper, tiny voices, she was a professional singer. Her voice harmonically reached H.P. After finished singing, she repeated, stressed the third chorus and said to me, ‘What do you think of me?’ H.P. didn’t know what exactly she meant…and said…

‘Why me?’

The dream was just over and I woke up. The very words I said to myself after I woke up.

‘Why me? And why you?’

As I wrote at the first paragraph, I don’t know her so much. I really don’t. Anyway, she is the very one who wants to say ‘Why me? And why you?’…lol

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Enshrined spirits rest in peace

January 17, 2010 8 comments

I was supposed to write an article about Jomon era. Oh my God…since I now have a fever, I can’t go to my office to get photos of Dogu from a book with the scanner in my office. Sorry, Mugami, I hope you would wait for me for the time being.

Instead of Jomon era, I’ll introduce Yasukuni shrine to you.
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