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Every little thing in my ordinary life 6

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Analog methods
One day, I saw a lady writing something in a restaurant when I had dinner. She seemed to have many postcards and write her messages on them. I thought it was a good idea looking at her.

Now that we send a lot of E-mails to a lot of people, such as our clients or friends. Analog tools like a postcard on the contrary can attract people, I think. Ofcourse I know it’s a labrious work, though, it’s worth trying.

When I went to Tokyo, I had a chance to go to Ueno museum. After the tour of the museum, my friend and I went to the shop in the museum. ‘I want to get some postcards to send someone else.’ thinking like that, I bought them. The postcards sold in the museum are related to historical things, such as rai-jin(I once wrote the article about rai-jin before in this article), choujuugiga and so on.

After museum, we dropped by a cafe to take a break. ‘People usually send postcards to someone in the place they visited, right? You can write and send your postcards to someone you want to do.’ said my friend. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone’s address.

At the Tokyo station, I met another friend who learn English harder than me. He was so modest and gentle that he came all the way to the station to see and send off me. Sadly, we didn’t have much time, but I had a happy time with him. I have to say thank him to receive precious souvenir. ‘I’ll send my postcard to you. Choujuugiga is painted in it.’ said I. He seriously answered to me, ‘Choujuugiga is a historical painting. Such an intelligent thing!’ I just thought he must have laughed but he seriously replyed to me… It also showed his modesty and sincerity.

I wondered on my way to home in shinkansen who I should send my postcards. I just imagined some TV dramas or movies. A man posted his postcard to the one he loved… hahaha…I’m not a kind of man! I just remembered a few friends who learn English. There was one problem on sending postcards to them. They have each spouse. All people can know what I wrote when they see the postcard…Ummm….For their peaceful and hearty lives, I should not write and send them??? ‘Hey! Who is this? Why does HE send such a wonderful thing to YOU??? He is a womanizer or something???!!! Tell me your relationship! You’re cheating on me???’ I just imagined such a horrible scene.

When back to my home, I produced postcards from my bag and started writing. Oh, my god…how terrible and shabby my handwriting is!!! Now that I make all my documents with my computer, so my handwriting got much worse than ever…Ummm…I must learn how to beatifully write in Japanese more than learning English.

Anyway, I think I try to do it regularly. Chatting about it with my friend who lives in other country, my friend asked me to send it. Ummm…is it possible? I don’t how much it costs.


The Mobile suits manufacturer???
I sometimes put topics about GUNDAM up in my blog, which is a famous animation in Japan.

When I went to Nagoya to meet with my clients, I got surprised with a sign hung on the building.

You can see two bigger letters in the sign. They are katakana letters, one of Japanese. It says ‘Dom.’ Dom!? Many people in Japan(whose ages are over 35) must remember the name of one mobile suit in GUMDAM.


This is ‘Dom.’ Dom at first appeared with three characteristic people called ‘Black tri-star’ and their best and intensive attack called ‘Jet Stream Attack’ was so famous that people at that time always tried to simulate it. When they were in the position of the attack, the background color has turned into pink. I think Dom must be high positioned mobile suit in the ranking people choose from all mobile suits in GUNDAM.

‘What??? They name their company Dom??? Is it named after that DOM???’ I couldn’t help taking a photo.

I’ll introduce you what Dom is with YouTube film. It’s not the animation, but just a game. However, you can see what it is.

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