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Funny Dreams Chapter 4…”Both of them beat me”

January 10, 2010 6 comments

(This article in this category is just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)

‘It’s been a long time to drop by the club.’ H.P. went to the club after he finished his work.

‘Hi, H.P.! Been a long time, huh? I just thought you hang out other club.’ said the manager of the club with smile. ‘No way! I was just busy. That’s all.’ said I, sitting the seat. ‘Hey, H.P.’ the manager kept smiling to H.P.,’We got new talents.’

Now that the number of foreginers who get their eligiblity as entertainer is on the decrease. Under these circumstances, it’s quite difficult to get talents in Japan. Thinking like that, H.P. said to the manager, ‘Oh, really? You did great! Where is she?.’ The manager smiled again as if he could grab H.P.’s heart, and he said, ‘SHE? Nope…THEY! The girls over there.’ He pointed out the girls singing a song.

‘Wh…what??? How could…how could they…’ H.P. lost his words. He knew the girls… Strictly speaking, he knew one of girls…but…they were twins. He did not only know they come to Japan but also they were twin. He couldn’t help laughing. He had ever talked with one of twins on the Internet for over three years. Besides, H.P. told her he was going to visit the place she lived.

‘One way or another… Which one is SHE? Ummm…they are horribly similar… I don’t know which the one is…’ H.P. laughed again.

One of girls was closing to H.P. H.P. still didn’t know which the one was…but tried to talk to her. ‘Hello? Why didn’t you tell me you came to Japan?’ the words H.P. said had gone somewhere… She glanced at H.P. and said, ‘What? Who are you?’ H.P. was dissapointed with her answer.

The other of girls was also closing to H.P. What if she threw the same phrase to me? Thinking like that, H.P. talked to her, ‘Hello? Why didn’t you tell me you came to Japan?’ ‘I’m so sorry…there’s one reason I couldn’t tell you…’ rubbing around her stomach, she kept saying with her hesitation. ‘No way…you…you…got pregnant???’ H.P. got surprised with her words again.

The dream was just ended. It was a very funny dream. I talked with the girl who appeared in my dream about this dream. She smiled and stood in front of web cam and said, ‘Look at my stomach. It’s like a chopping board, isn’t it? Twins? What makes you imagine that? Your dream is always funny.’

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