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Many thoughts in genuflection

January 13, 2010 8 comments

This time, I’ll put one topic about a church.

I went to the church last Sunday. Strictly speaking, the English conversation school next to the church. I took one English examination there.

Before the examination, I dropped by the church. (Sorry, it’s not modest expression ‘drop by’) Actually, I have a few memories in the church.

Here, it is.

After entered the church, I tried to take holy water. My right hand swang and caught nothing. There was no holy water in the bowl. I didn’t know what to do in the case. Anyway, I sit the seat. Looking at people practicing songs or something on the stage, I prayed my success on the examination.

Most of readers of this blog are Christians, so it’s common sense for you, however, I don’t have so many opportunities to visit churches. At the first time I visited the church, I didn’t know how to pray. How could I say the board in lower part of behind each seat, which you flip when you’re genuflecting? Anyway, I opened the board, got on my knees, crossed my fingers, and prayed.

I had one experience which I felt a difference between Buddhists(or Japanese) and Christians(or other countries) in the church before. 3 or 4 years ago, I went to the same church with two female Philippinas, who had been arrested for overstaying and back to Philippine. It was my first time to visit the church. I completely didn’t know how I should do, so I tried to simulate them while praying.

What do you think while praying? Your successes? The peace of your life? Thankfulness? Confessions?

I was surprised with one of girls praying next to me. She was crying. I didn’t know what happened to her. Most of Japanese, even females, don’t cry in such places. Actually, I knew how she missed her country. She came all the way to Japan to work, even though by illegal staying. However, will I cry when I stand at the country far from Japan? I don’t know…I might do…

I was surprised with her again. After praying, I asked her what she prayed and why she cried. ‘I confessed what I did in Japan. I have to cheat on a lot of guests I have to entertain in the club. I mean, WHITE LIES, not BLACK LIES.’ Oh, my God, She regreted and asked forgiveness, not miss her family. That was what I felt the difference. I think many Japanese accept what we did and try to spend our life. I don’t know if I call it correctly, it might be called, ‘karma.’ Even though I visit shrines or temples and pray our guilt, I think guilt is guilt and I have to keep shouldering it. ‘I confessed my guilt. It’s over.’ I lost my words when she said.

I’m not saying which is right and which is wrong. There are many differences between people. It’s so interesting.

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