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Funny Dreams Chapter 6…”Wrath of God”

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(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)


We have one English test called ‘TOEIC S/W’ in Japan. TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication, is a very famous test in Japan. You can check your English reading and listening knowledge in the test. TOEIC S/W, on the contrary, is the test for speaking and writing. Like TOEFL ibt, you have to sit before a computer, reply for the questions with your voice or by typing. The test has 200 points for each speaking part and writing part. I took the test 2 weeks ago and haven’t gotten the result of it yet. I guess I would get 100 points for each part.

– The Funny Dream –

H.P. was in an apartment where his ex-girlfriend lived. He woke up and saw her sleeping in the bed. He slid out off the bed so as not to disturb her sleep. Preparing for coffee, he made his way to the post at the door. He knew he could get the result of one test called ‘TOEIC S/W’, which he took a few weeks ago. He guessed he got 100 points for each part.

There was an envelope in the post. He found it said the result notice from the institute of the test. He couldn’t help opening up it. His heart was so pounding that he felt as if his heart would have risen up from his mouth. It said he got 130 points for speaking and 160 points for writing.

He didn’t know why, but he felt something unsatisfied. Ofcourse he knew he accomplished the target he thought before. ‘Ummmm…’, mumbling something, he walked around the room looking the result in his hand. He didn’t know what he was thinking and trying when he looked back what he did at that time. He grabbed an oil-based marker pen and started writing the points he got on the window. ‘Ummm…I got 130 points for speaking, 160 points for writing. How should I do next, then? To get more chances to talk with someone in English? To polish up my pronunciations in somewhere? Ummm…’ H.P. stood before the window and was gazing the number on the window.

‘What the hell are you doing????!!!!’ The thunderous shout hit H.P.’s head from his back. It was his ex-girlfriend, who had her wrathful face. H.P. didn’t know what made her so angry. ‘Hey, good morning. I got coffee for you.’ H.P. smiled her. She, however, continued her anger and said to H.P. ‘What the hell is it? What the hell is it?’ Something she pointed out was the oil-based marker pen. ‘It’s a pen…Oh, my God!!! I’m so sorry… I didn’t notice it’s…’ H.P. lost his words and understood what she got angry. ‘Erase it with this!’ she dashed back to her bed and got back, holding something. It was a polish remover for her make-up.

H.P. just killed his time in the morning, scouring the window like a janitor. ‘130 points for speaking, 160 points for writing…’ while scouring, he still kept mumbling.

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