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She already knows what the elder haven’t noticed

January 30, 2010 10 comments

Now that information I often get is from Internet, not TV. The opportunities I watch TV are dramatically decreasing. Under such cercumstances, however, one girl, who is just an elementary school student, attracted me by chance in early Saturday morning.

The girl in one TV program got a terrible disease and was in the hospital for a month. While in the hospital, she saw one Japanese malathon athlete running in a race. The female athlete stumbled in her race again and again, however, she didn’t give up her race and kept running. The girl in the hospital got so touched with the athlete and decided to run like the athlete. After she got out from the hospital, she kept running and that made her healther.

She, as TV said, recorded how much time she got in running 3 kilometers and tried to run over it within 20 minutes. It sounds like very tough for female elementary students to do so in such time. TV staff invited a coach from an university and let him teach the girl how to well run, especially the running form. What’s interesting is that she thought a lot of things on running by herself. She not only got what the coach tried to teach but also questioned the coach again after she thought it. “genuinely absorb what the senior said, think it enough and try it by oneself” are the essential method for people to get better in any category.

There are some English learners in Japan who only ask. Ask…ask…ask… “Which textbooks are better?” “Tell me the best way to get a higher score in the test” “Tell me the secret to speak English fluently” you can already get a lot of methods or secrets from a lot of teachers and books. All you have to do now is just keep using, keep learing English, not think or learn about the best WAYS.

In the TV program, the girl attended the competition and surprisingly accomplished her target, less than 17(not 20) minutes for 3 kilometers. She already knows the ways to improve herself. “O.K. What about you?” such words appeared in my brain through screen.

It was so impressive in her mother’s words that she always grabbed her insurance card and patient registration card just in case every time her daughter attended the race but she told her daughter that she gave them away. During the race, the mother’s heart must have been pounding and hoped nothing happened to her daughter.

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