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Every little thing in my ordinary life 8

February 3, 2010 8 comments

something wrong with my both ears
I’ve suffered from otitis externa for a long time. Is it a common word ‘otitis externa’ in your daily life? I mean, inflammations of my ears, a swimmer’s ear. They, I mean, both of my ears, have already become chronically itchy and make me crazy. Now that I can’t live without my earpick. I know it’s not a good thing to keep scratching inside of my ears with the earpick, but so itchy. Even worse, my earwax is not solid substance, but like liquid.

Two or three weeks ago, I got pains in my both ears. I went to the doctor and he checked my ears with his glance. It just took thirty seconds or so! Otological doctors can earn much money with such a short consultation time. People in Japan are in trouble having their hay fever from the end of winter to the beginning of summer. During the season, these doctors must be pleased to get many patients. Like a gold rush!

The doctor gave me an ointment to heal inflammations in my ears. I just kept coating the inflammation with the ointment. Since I started having it, my itchiness seemed to become harder and harder. For recent three days, I feel as if I lived in the cave or somewhere. Or I always as if I finished playing the guitar with my band in the livehouse. Something wrong with my ears. I’ll go to another doctor.

Different nuances among them?
As I often wrote, I’m one of English learners in Japan. I always force myself to be ‘I am an English speaker, not a learner’, but from the ways to express my feelings or thoughts in English, sadly, I must say I am still just an English learner.

In Japan, many English learners, as maybe I also wrote it before, make their efforts for many English examinations. Me, I also take such tests sometimes. I’m not saying taking many tests is wrong. What I’m feeling strange is that, without writing or speaking in English, they keep searching for the best way to know, learn, memorize, absorb, get English. Sometimes I can’t help guessing they want to keep staying in the position called ‘an English learner’, not a speaker.

Sorry, I just put the trivial topic before what I want to ask. Ofcourse, we can learn a lot of things from such tests. This time, in such a test which my friends took, I saw a few words I’ve never seen before. ‘lapse’, is one of them. I checked the meaning of it with my dictionary and I just happened to see it while reading, ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ by Agatha Christie.

“After a lapse of a minute or two Parker appeared.” I found this sentence in the book.

Are there many differences between “a lapse of a minute or two”, “in a minute or two” and “a minute or two later”? For example, how would you feel of these sentences if I wrote them.

“Parker appeared in a minute or two.”
“A minute or two later, Parker appeared.”

The word “a lapse of [time]” is a kind of literary expressions, not colloquiall ones? I just felt that Parker just appeared within a minute or two, from the sentence “Parker appeared in a minute or two” but I don’t know the difference between “later” and “a lapse”.

Ummm…English is too difficult.

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