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Every little thing in my ordinary life 9

Don’t be hasty
As you already know, I wrote at least two journals every week in my blog now. It has kept for 9 months in a row. Ofcourse there are many stupid mistakes on grammar in these journals. I’m surprised that I kept writing.

Before these 9 months, I got just a few articles in a month on the contrary. First, I couldn’t express my feeling or thoughts in English more than now. Second, I don’t have such motivation like now to keep writing in this blog so much. Things have changed, I think.

Sometimes I see some ESL learners struggling as well as me in Japan. Some of them try to keep writing what they are, what they’re doing, or what they’re thinking. And some of them don’t do that so much. Some of them claim that speaking and writing are the most important thing and they should improve our English by speaking and writing. Some of them say they don’t need to do it.

I think I should, I mean, I want to improve my speaking and writing skills in English. In order to do it, I write my trivial topics in this blog. However, I know writing in English is also difficult and I have to wait for my writing and speaking skills improving. WAIT and KEEP, are the very critical words for me. These words, however, are also the most difficult words for ESL learners. Some of them can’t stand them.

I do know how they feel. Sometimes I can’t help thinking like this; “How long should I keep writing? When do I accomplish the status I want to get?” I always say to myself; “Hey, one of trivial, stupid and idiot Japanese speaker? How long have you spoken Japanese? How long have you read a lot of books in Japanese? How long have you heard a lot of things in Japanese? How much terms and what kinds of things have you experienced in Japanese? You can prove that you did the same thing in English by yourself? I know how you feel, but don’t be hasty!”

Thanks to you, who come to read this blog. I can communicate with you even though I live in Japan.

Demonstration of ignorance
I often write temples and shrines in this blog, however, I don’t think I know religions very much. I got a topic which showed I am ignorance about religions.

One of my friends, who lives in other country, talked about Ash Wednesday. People go to the church and the priests in there draw a cross on people’s forehead with ash. I totally didn’t know such a ritual. “Japanese have no religion, right?” my friend chuckled and said. Ummm…I am a Buddhist, but I go to shrines at the beginning of the year and celebrate the Christmas. These habits are not based on my religious beliefs, just based on my annual customs. Ummm…it’s not unnatural for her to say “Japanese have no religion.”

While talking about this topic, I just had a mistake about Christmas. “The Christmas, 25 Dec, is not the day when Jesus Christ was dead, right?” She was surprised with what I said and said, “Not the day Jesus Christ was dead, but the day he was born!” I’m so sorry… I just wanted to say, 25 in Dec is basically the special day of other religion(pagan?), not the Catholic. It is said that people treated the day as the birthday of Jesus Christ at the Nicene Council in 325. And they also certified that the Trinity, which are Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. “Oh, you’re interested in history and religion?” she seemed to be pleased.

I’m so sorry…I’m not a Chtistian. I just saw Keanu Reeves baptizing a half-bleed saying “In the name of God…father, son, and holy spirit…something like that” in the movie, “Constantine.”

I think I am totally ignorance on religions.

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  1. February 18, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Some confess their ignorance and do something about it; others don’t confess at all. You’ve done both. Yes, sometimes I feel that it’s just a ritual/custom that some Japanese follow when they go to shrines and temples.

    Jesus is the son of God. Date of his birth not officially on December 25th, but it’s a date set aside to celebrate it nonetheless. Right now, it’s the season of Lent. The time Christians give up something for 40 days and also have a time of fasting. That is, no eating. People fast at different times and for different reasons.

    We’re approaching the celebration of his betrayal, death, and resurrection. This is call Easter. If you have questions, and if I can answer them for you, I will give it a try.

    All of us are forever learning. Whether it’s English or something else. The thing is, we shouldn’t stop or follow the patterns of others that doesn’t suit us.

    Yeah there are mistakes in your grammar, even sometimes in mines, 😆 but you’re good at what you’re trying to say, in English. Continue on. But don’t force it; let the conversation come naturally. 🙂

    • honeypotter
      February 20, 2010 at 6:33 pm

      Wow, you left an helpful and usuful comment on Jesus Christ. Now I’m still in an Internet cafe and I have to go out meeting with my clients. I’ll check this comment again when I was back to home. Thank you, girlgeum!

  2. February 23, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    You’re welcome. 🙂

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