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Every little thing in my ordinary life 10

February 20, 2010 4 comments

Tough days keep going on
A lot of things in this week burden me so much. Especially today, three consecutive meetings are ongoing. Before the last meeting, a chance to post an article in an Internet cafe has finally been given to me.

Alcohol is no longer my friend. A lot of customers made me drink many kinds of alcohol in my younger age, as an clerk at the club. Since quitting such a job, Coke or coffee are my friends, instead of beer, whiskys etc.

One of my clients asked me to drink together and the drink meeting was held yesterday. It’s been a long time to drink…since 27th in Dec last year? The association which the client attend get in trouble now. During the meeting, many topics about the problems appeared and were discussed between the clients and me.

In Japan, driving with alcohol is now a serious and crucial violation against Road Traffic-Act. You will be fined and must pay less than 0.5 million or 1 million yen depending on your drunkenness. Staying at somewhere was what I had to do after drinking. After that, today has come….ummm…quite sleepy.

Formal way when calling
A few days ago, I had an English conversation class. One of students asked our teacher who is Australian. That is, “How could I formally say when I call?”

There are many polite and formal ways in Japanese when we call, which is called keigo. You sometimes can see many Japanese business persons talk with their clients with a phone. One of my friends who came from other countries often laugh at me, I mean, my Japanese, when I’m calling.

I just imagine “Hello, my name is HoneyPotter(or this is HoneyPotter), I’d like to talk with Mr./Ms.OO. Could you put this phone through him/her?”

My teacher couldn’t answer the question at once and promised to check the way and answered it next time.

What do you think of it?

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