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Funny Dreams Chapter 8…”The mayor on the Harley”

February 27, 2010 9 comments

(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)


Takashi Kawamura, the mayor of Nagoya, is famous for his political policies and his speaking style. Nagoya ben, a Nagoya accent, is his style. For example, you can say takusan(means “a lot of” or “many”) in Japanese. The word turns into gyo-san in the Nagoya accent. He treats himself as a sales person of Nagoya and let people know Nagoya deeply by using the Nagoya accent. Strictly speaking, his accent is not the original Nagoya accent, but a combination of Chita and Mikawa, the regions around Nagoya city.

This time, I got a dream in which Takashi Kawamura acted my superior. Suprisingly, he was not the mayor in my dream. He was…a detective.

– The Funny Dream –

H.P. was sitting on a chair and getting on making documents. The Police station, where he worked, was so jammed because of many arrested criminals.

“Hey, H.P.! There is nothing you can do in such a place! All detectives must go outside and check sites. Only the scene of crimes can indicate us to the goal.” patting H.P. on his shoulder, one middle-aged guy told H.P. It was Takashi Kawamura. “I have something important to do. Our boss is waiting for this report.” said H.P. “Forget about it! Let’s go!” Takashi Kawamura insisted to go out and pulled H.P.’s neck.

“How could he do that?”, was H.P.’s first phrase in a police car. Gripping the car’s wheel, H.P. kept moaning. There was no one sitting on the passenger’s seat. “Look at Beverly Hills Cop! Axel Foley always sits on the passenger’s seat and Billy always drives, right? I got it. He thinks himself he is Taka or someone. Then, am I Yu-ji?” said H.P.

*Taka and Yu-ji are characters in a famous TV drama in 80’s of Japan, Abunai deka(means “dangerous cop”) Taka and Yu-ji acted sophistecated cops in the drama. The phrase, “kankei nai ne(means “I don’t care”) by Yu-ji, is one of famous phrases in the drama.

Moaning such words, H.P. kept gazing one guy riding on a Harley-Davidson. That was Takashi Kawamura. In addition, he was driving his Harley without a helmet. “Hey, you’re a cop, aren’t you?” his behavior was beyond H.P.’s understanding.

Takashi Kawamura‘s Harley suddenly turned right and stopped in front of a building. “koko dagya(means “That’s it” in the Nagoya accent)” he stood in the right front of the door and nearly kicked it. “Hey, what are you doing?! We have no warrant!” H.P. stopped him doing and shouted. “eegaya kanke-negaya!(means, “Don’t worry. I don’t care”) said Takashi Kawamura. “I do care!” cried H.P.

At the right time Takashi Kawamura tried to kick the door, unknown men who put black suits suddenly gathered like “Agent Smith in the movie, Matrix” and took Takashi Kawamura out. One of unknown agents said to H.P. “I am from the Nagoya city office. We’ll take him and get him back to his original duties.” He bowed and walked away from H.P.

It was…a funny…and strange dream…

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