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Every little thing in my ordinary life 11

Been a long time
I kept writing at least two journals in a week in this blog. It’s been a long time to post no journals last week. I’ve been quite busy and…a lot of things happened and they made me crazy.

Our new step
As you know, making a lot of kinds of documents is my own job, like a lawyer. Correctly speaking, lawyers in Japan can stand in court, defend their clients and sue somebody for their clients. I can’t do such things. There are some qualifications regarding lawful procedures. My job is just to stand between my clients and governments or between each client, and to make documents, such as divorce agreements or applications.

Other executives have their own jobs, which are very defferent from mine. One of executives is a president of our subsidiary, which is a temporary staff service. And the other is in charge of one club. I am also in charge of the general affairs in our companies.

My president, who is also my friend, is always planning something new. That is his job. He plans something new and I check if it could be legally done. Recently, he’s been thinking about a new plan. Now we’re running for the new plan. It’s the second plan regarding foods. This time is…okonomiyaki shop.

Do you know okonomiyaki? The shape is like pancake, but the taste is different. okonomiyaki, whose ingredients are flour, egg, slices of cabbage, and slied pork, is now the symbol of Osaka, kansai region.

This is a okonomiyaki, which is seasoned with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, dried bonito, and nori(dried laver seaweed).

Last month, we were seeking a place for our new shop. We found a place which used to be a convenience store and negotiated conditions for rental agreement with the landlord. Unfortunately, something bigger than our company had interrupted and won the contract. We had to find another place. Once this month started, we fortunately got the next place. At the previous place, we just only needed to rent the building and the real estate, however, we have to build a new building at the next place. It means we have to carefully calculate costs and judge our financial status. Fortunately, there is not such a big difference between renovation costs at the previous place and building costs at the next place. If the contract goes well, I guess we can launch the new store.

There are a lot of things we have to deal with some conditions of the contract. I have a lot of things to bo. That’s one of reasons why I’ve been busy.

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  1. March 11, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    I know about okonomiyaki thanks to watching some videos on youtube. It looks tasty.

    Hope all goes well with the new shop and working out the conditions of the contract.

    But like you said there isn’t a big difference between the cost of not getting the first location and the new one. If owning the building, isn’t that better?

    がんばってね! 🙂

    • honeypotter
      March 11, 2010 at 5:57 pm

      Oh, you know okonomiyaki? Yeah, it’s so delicious and easy to cook. okonomiyaki in kansai region(the west part of Japan), monjayaki in kantou region(the east part of Japan), are famous and have defferences on the process although they have similar ingredients.

      Yeah, owning the building would be better as long as we have no problem about the cost. Negotiating the condition with the landlord is now what I’m worrying. I hope we could discount the rental fee a little more.

      Ohhhhhhhhh, Japanese hiragana! Great! My friends, who come from other countries and live in Japan, sometimes mail me in Japanese. They often have a mistake like this: がんばつてね. You are a better Japanese speaker than my friends 😀

  2. March 12, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    Yeah it does look easy to make, and tasty.

    Because of the recession, prices have fallen for real estate. I know in some countries it has, including here; has it over there?

    Some landlords can be greedy, but hoping for the best in the negotiations.


    differences, not defferences.

    Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

    • honeypotter
      March 12, 2010 at 8:24 pm

      Hi, girlgeum! I’ve noticed a gift from you:D I’m so impressed and excited!

      Yeah, the recession has been keeping…all industries must cut their costs…vicious circle. 😦 However, we think it’s a chance to grow our company. Don’t you think so?:D

      I’m going to be in charge of negotiations. I hope it would go well. I mean, I must do it well. 😀

  3. March 15, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Yes, if the opportunity is there, then go for it.

    Do well. 🙂

    • honeypotter
      March 16, 2010 at 1:15 am

      I got small discount for rental fee. As soon as our financial decision is done, we will make a deal. 😀

  4. March 16, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Congrats. 🙂

    • honeypotter
      March 19, 2010 at 5:55 am

      Thanks 😆 Our project is now going well, I believe 😀

  5. March 19, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Very well. 🙂

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